How To Plan Easter Games for a Children%27s Easter Party

If you’re planning to host an Easter party for children, it’s important to have a few games to keep them entertained, along with Easter goodies like chocolate and sugar treats.There are a number of Easter-themed games you could include in your Easter children’s party and this article has rounded up some really fun ones that are likely to be a big hit.

Step 1: There is an Easter party.

The games for a party are usually one of the last things to be decided upon.It’s a good idea to mix up games with an Easter egg hunt, some food at a sit-down area, and a bit of rest time at an easter party for children.If you can get hold of a good performer who is willing to dress up as Easter bunny, you could also get this person to perform a few tricks or face-painting to stretch out the party activities, or to take care of those kids who don’t want to participate in the games

Step 2: Before selecting a game, read through it in the following sections.

When choosing a game, keep in mind the following factors: Is this game suitable for children?Is this game going to fit in with the time available?Is this game going to allow everyone to be a part of it?Is this game going to fit in with the party theme?

Step 3: The items need to be assembled.

You will need a glass jar or basket, chocolate eggs, paper pieces, a pencil, and an Easter Basket.

Step 4: Each of the participants will be given a piece of paper and a pencil.

Step 5: Ask them to guess how many chocolates are in the jar.

Step 6: The winner should be declared.

The person who gives the exact count wins the jar.

Step 7: The supplies need to be assembled.

Good, small stuffed toys are all you need.If you can get some related to the Easter tradition, it would be great.

Step 8: When the guests arrive at the door, put a stuffed animal on their back.

Make sure to use safety pins.Ask the child to stand still.

Step 9: Guests at the party have to ask each other questions about their animal.

They have to be yes or no questions.They can ask if I eat carrots.Do I refer to myself as a quack?Also, etc.

Step 10: Ask the children what they think they are.

People who guess it right get a prize, even the animal that is attached to them.You may need to end the game earlier for those who guess early and don’t want the toy dangling off their back, if you allow children to keep guessing until they get it right.

Step 11: There are a few chairs in the circle.

You should have one less chair.Each guest should sit in a chair.You can start the game once everyone is settled.

Step 12: Say something like “I am thankful for those with brown eyes.”

People stand up and run for a different chair.It can’t be a chair next to theirs.Once everyone is settled, the person left standing continues with a comment such as “I am grateful for those who have a dog.”If you want the children to relate it to Easter, tell them that they are grateful for Easter eggs, or that Jesus has risen.

Step 13: Continue until all of them have had enough.

This goes on until everyone is tired of the game and it may last for a while.While everyone is running for a chair, remove one chair.The last one to remain will win a prize.Since someone will be running for the chair you’re removing, this can be slightly injury prone.

Step 14: Candy, Easter eggs, or other treats can be placed inside the plastic eggs.

If your garden or yard is not wet, slushy, muddy, or snowy, then you can put the treats in their own packaging.

Step 15: You can hide the Easter eggs around your house.

Make sure you have enough for everyone, and know how many you hid.

Step 16: Guests are invited to hunt for eggs.

They should have a limit on how many they can have.The kids should be allowed to play with or eat their prizes once you’re sure that all of the treats have been collected.

Step 17: Pick out the items you need.

You will need one egg and a spoon for each person in the race.You could use dyed Easter eggs as a special Easter gift.

Step 18: Next to each other, line the contestants up.

To give dropped eggs a chance, it’s best to have this race on grass.

Step 19: Your finish line should be clear.

The finish line is several inches or centimeters away, so it’s not fun dropping your egg thinking you’ve won.

Step 20: The race will start if you give a signal.

Everyone starts to run towards the finish line.The contestants have to keep their egg balanced in their spoon without using their other hand.The contestant can resume the race if the egg is not broken.

Step 21: The winner should be declared.

The first person to make it to the finish line wins.There are also second and third prizes.

Step 22: An Easter bunny shape can be drawn.

On a cloth sheet or paper, draw a rough sketch of a rabbit, modeling it on the Easter bunny.Draw the rabbit standing on its hind legs and holding its paws as if it were carrying an egg.

Step 23: Attach a sheet of cloth or paper to the wall by stretching it.

Step 24: Eggs can be cut out of different colored cloth.

The space between the rabbit’s paws should be as large as the eggs.There is a pin in each egg.

Step 25: There is a blindfold.

If possible, the eggs will be pinned on the sheet and the Easter bunny will hold them.As the players take their turns, the Easter bunny will be surrounded with eggs, until a player pins the egg in the bunny’s arms.A prize is won by the player who is closest to the arms.

Step 26: Prepare a few dozen hard boiled eggs and/or plain cookies in Easter shapes such as eggs, chickens, and bunnies.

Step 27: The decorating area should be set up.

Egg dyes can be placed in containers for dipping.You can see how to dye Easter eggs.For the cookies, set out different colors of frosting paste (in tubes) and a lot of decorative items like sprinkles, nonpareils, candies, colored sugar, and other sweet items.There is a station for washing hands.

Step 28: Children can eat decorated eggs or cookies.

Step 29: Purchase some gold paper and chocolate bunnies.

You will need a bunch of plastic eggs and candy to fill them.

Step 30: You need to make at least three or four golden tickets.

You can give away bunny prizes if you make as many as you can.

Step 31: The plastic eggs are filled with candy.

The plastic eggs have chocolates or candy in them.One of the eggs might have a golden ticket in it.

Step 32: You can hide the candy-filled eggs in the yard or house.

Step 33: Have a golden ticket egg hunt.

Explain to everyone that whoever finds the golden ticket will win the chocolate bunny.The child should keep the ticket.

Step 34: All players should keep the eggs they find.

Everyone gets something for their efforts.

Step 35: For the age group, choose a craft that is related to Easter.

decorating eggs, making baskets, or activity sheets are examples.

Step 36: Make sure the craft materials are set up.

Step 37: Explain the craft.

Allow each child to do one craft.

Step 38: Easter cookies, brownies, or cupcakes should be put in the oven while they are crafting.

Step 39: If the children need help, check on them occasionally.

Give them some candy and treats.

Step 40: Bring the treats when they’re done with the project.