How To Pick the Right Size of Bike

One of the most important decisions you can make is the size of your bicycle.Safety, comfort and fun are affected by size.In tight situations, proper sizing allows for longer riding without pain.The experience can range from a lap around the parking lot to an hours long computer supported analysis of multiple human and mechanical dimensions.These steps will help you pick the right bike.

Step 1: Take a measurement of the bike.

The size of the frame and the distance between the seat and pedal are the most important things to consider when buying a bike.

Step 2: Measure your inside leg length, otherwise known as your inseam, from your crotch to the ground.

Stand with your feet straight up.Choose a 16” to 17” frame size if it measures between 69 and 76 centimeters.If your inner leg measurement is between 76 – 84 cm, you should choose a frame size that is 18” – 20” for men’s and 16″ – 17″ for women.If your inner leg measurement is longer, you should choose a 21”+ frame for men’s mountain bikes.For women with a leg measurement of more than 84 centimeter, choose a 16”+ frame for mountain bikes or a 18”+) for town, trail and road bikes.

Step 3: Measure against yourself.

Stand next to the bike.You have a good starting point if the seat is below your hipbone.Pick the right size of the bike step.You should have 1.5 to 2.0” of space between your crotch and the top bar for a road bike in this position.If you want someone to measure the distance between the bottom of the tire and the ground, hold the bike so that the bar contacts your crotch.Two to three fingers between your crotch and the top tube is a good estimate for a road bike.Four fingers or your entire hand will give you enough room on a mountain bike.Finally, with someone holding the handlebars securely, sit on the comfortably bike with one pedal at the bottom of its rotation.The bike is adjusted if your knee is not bent.Too little or too much bend will cause your leg to hurt.Pick the right size of the bike step.

Step 4: There is a bike sizing chart online.

Multiple techniques will be provided to estimate your frame size.Depending on your experience and preference, these recommendations are often ranges of frame size.

Step 5: Look at the frame.

The top of the tube that holds the seat is the location where the frame size is measured.It can be measured from the center of the top tube to the middle.It is printed on a label at the top or bottom of the seat tube.The person in the bike shop knows which method the manufacturer uses.The frame can be either small, medium, or large.If you want to calculate a good estimate of the frame size, you should measure the distance from your crotch to the floor.If a frame does not have a straight top tube, go with the other two.The size of a child’s bike is determined by their height and wheel size.You can get proper guidance from an internet search on this topic.Pick the right size of the bike step.

Step 6: Take a ride.

The test ride is the most important measuring technique.Personal preference has a huge impact on our perception of bike fit.Make your test ride long enough to get a feel for the bike.You can change your speed from very slow to fast.Change direction and speed quickly.The right bike will make you feel comfortable while you ride.Maybe it isn’t for you if you feel it is hard to get off and on.It’s important to find a comfortable bike if you’re going to be using it a lot.

Step 7: You can adjust the seat.

It should be adjusted so that your leg is straight when pedaling.You should be able to reach the ground on both sides by pointing your toes.The handlebars and front wheel should not hit your knees or feet.When you straddle the bike, you should not rest against the top tube.It depends on the type of handlebars you have, but you may be best off if you can’t see the front of the bike.There should be a straight line between your eyes and the handlebars.

Step 8: The saddle needs to be clear of the top tube.

You should be clear on the road bikes.You should be clear on mountain bikes.Is the bike too high for you?If you stand next to it, this is measurable.It should be alright if the saddle reaches your hip.