How To Permanently Lower Your Voice

Not everyone has a deep, mysterious voice.As they mature, most people develop a deeper voice, but some will always have a tenor range.Suddenly going from Prince to James Earl Jones may be impossible, but anyone can develop a deeper, stronger voice with dedication, determination and practice.Lowering your voice permanently is not easy, but it can be done.

Step 1: Find out where you should be speaking.

When your voice comes from the area just behind and around your nose, it will be natural and powerful.If you respond affirmatively to a question, you should be able to practice speaking from this place.As you hum, feel the vibration in your face.You should speak from this location.

Step 2: You will learn how to breathe.

Your voice will be more powerful and deeper when you breathe from your diaphragm.When you breathe, your stomach should rise and your chest and shoulders should stay still.These are full breaths.

Step 3: Speak from the mouth.

The part of your face you identified in step one is where you want your breath to come from.It’s a good idea to say anything but focus on the two parts of your body.With less vocal strain, you can get more power in your voice, resulting in a louder, deeper voice.

Step 4: Continue practicing.

If you breathe this way, it will feel unnatural and you’ll probably switch to your normal way of breathing and speaking.It will become second nature if you practice for a couple of weeks.One of the easiest ways to improve your voice is to learn to breathe.

Step 5: Speak from the stomach instead of the throat.

Consciously lower your Adam’s apple by swallowing slowly, the last movement of a swallow before your throat goes up is the position you want.It’s possible to lower the back of your tongue into your throat.You have to play around with it until you find something that works.

Step 6: Start slow.

If your close friends or family suddenly hear you play the bass, you’re going to be found out and have a lot of colds thrown at you.Say a few words at the beginning and end of a sentence in a lower tone.Just be subtle.It can do serious damage to your vocal cords if you try to speak too deep.If you start to feel strain, be careful.

Step 7: The end of your sentences should be lowered.

Take a deep breath, clear your throat, and finish what you’re saying with a lower voice when you find yourself speaking.Reducing the end of your sentences will help you sound more confident.

Step 8: Slowly but surely, lower your voice for a while until it becomes a habit.

You will forget quickly like any other habit.What used to be a conscious habit will now be something you do unconsciously.Continue speaking in a deeper tone until it becomes natural.

Step 9: Decide if the more costly options are right for you.

It’s worth pursuing options that cost money if you want to deepen your voice.Voice training and surgery have large potential for success.If you want a lower voice to improve your confidence or social life, you may want to stick to the slower but safer options.

Step 10: Look into voice lowering surgery.

One surgery that can be done to reduce the pitch of one’s voice permanently is called a thyroplasty and it involves reducing the tension in the vocal cords.Another way to improve voice quality is to inject fat into the vocal folds.Though hormone replacement therapy alone lowers trans men’s voices to more masculine levels, surgeries like these can be a next step for those that desire deeper voices.

Step 11: A speech expert will teach you how to speak.

Vocologists help their clients improve their speech in many ways, including altering their pitch.A vocologist can help you identify the causes of your high-pitched voice and teach you how to change it.There are vocologists who help people achieve more masculine or feminine voices.If you want to permanently lower your pitch, you need to get help from a professional.