How To Perform Puja to Krishna

Offering to Lord Krishna is a very good devotional practice to please the Lord and to advance spiritually, it helps to develop a personal relationship with the Divine, acquire Universal Knowledge and positive energy, to control and discipline the mind, and show our love to God.Lord Krishna is a full and complete incarnation of God.He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu in the Hindu religion.He is mostly worshiped in the ancient Bhakti yoga, karma yoga and Jnana yoga systems, devotional religions, hindu sampradayas, in multiple vedic and tantrik traditions, and also related religions like Jainism, Buddhism, New Age and new religious movements.

Step 1: Before you perform the puja, take a bath and mark your forehead with ashtagandha or gopi chandan.

Step 2: A white cotton cloth can be placed on a table.

You need to put the image of Krishna at the center of the altar.Put a plate with water in it to sprinkle flowers, kumkum powder, incense, and a lamp.

Step 3: Another plate has sattvic foods, fruit, water, and flowers.

Unlit, place a ghee or sesame oil deepam there.

Step 4: When all is set up, you do achaman by taking a spoon with your left hand, dripping some water on your right hand and drinking quietly.

Say “Om anantaya” and drink more water.Put water on both hands and drink the last one.

Step 5: The Deity can be bathing with milk, orange juice, flowers and simple water.

Put the bowl aside and dry the murti.Next to Him, place the food, flowers and water.

Step 6: Lord Krishna’s idol has a paste on it.

Begin chanting the prayer shubham karoti kalyanam.You can offer an incense stick 7 times if you chant any Krishna bhajan that you like.The arti lamp with 1 or 5 wicks should be used to scare flies.

Step 7: Put a little kumkum at Lord Krishna’s feet and then place it on your forehead as a tilak.

The offered kumkum has been accepted and blessed by the Lord and is used as a medium to transmit Lord Krishna’s blessings.Tilak is used to purify the body and to open and protect it.If you want to finish the worship ceremony and ask for forgiveness, blow the shell.You can leave there the offerings of fruits, water, naivedyas, flowers and rice for some time for God to enjoy and later eat them as prasad or you can distribute them to other people.It’s possible to sashtang pranaam to God.

Step 8: You can do japa meditation after the event.

Step 9: Along with a prayer or gratitude, offer a flower, lamp and incense.

You can put fruit or water in the altar.