How To Paint a Roof

If you don’t like the current color of your roof, you can paint it to make it look better.You can make your roof look brand new if you paint it.After you clean the roofing material, you can use a sprayer to make painting easy.Stay safe while you climb and work on your roof.

Step 1: If there are cracks or damage to your roofing material, it’s time to check it.

You can easily climb up your roof if you lean an extension ladder against your home.Look for large cracks in the shingles or tiles on your roof.Make a note of all the damage to your roof so you know what to replace it.If you’re not comfortable climbing onto your roof, hire a roofing inspector.If you have a steep roof, you should use a roof safety harness.

Step 2: Before painting, you should replace damaged parts on your roof.

Start on the lowest tiles on your roof.Remove the damaged tiles and put in a new one.Continue to work on the spots that were damaged until your roof is finished.You don’t have to worry about the weather while you’re on your roof if you work during a sunny day.If you don’t want to do the work yourself, contact a roofer.If you have shingles with the cancer-causing substance, use caution.A licensed contractor can replace or remove shingles.

Step 3: Use a power washer to clean metal or tile roofs.

You can leave the power washer on the ground with a long enough hose and a 25-degree angle wand tip.Do you lift up any shingles or tiles when you start from the peak of the roof?Hold the tip of the washer from the roof while you spray the moss or lichen.If you don’t own a power washer, many hardware stores will let you rent one.It’s a good idea to have a person on the roof with you to help guide the hose.

Step 4: Remove moss from asphalt shingles with a cleaning solution.

One US quart of bleach, one gallon of water, and 4 cup of heavy duty cleaner should be mixed together.Put the solution in a garden sprayer and apply it to the shingles.After 15 minutes, rinse the cleaner with your hose.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to let your roof dry before you start painting.

If you work on a sunny day, your roof should dry within an hour.It’s best to wait for 1 day so all of the water is gone from your roof.You can start painting after the roof is dry.Water will run off of metal roofs.If you start painting while the roof is wet you could cause mold to form.

Step 6: Buy water-based paint.

You can check out the options at your local paint supply or hardware store.Pick a water-based paint for your roof.Determine how much paint you need for your roof by using the surface area.White paint your roof to reflect light and keep your home cooler during warm months.

Step 7: Rent an airless paint sprayer to get the job done quickly.

Airless paint sprayers paint an even application through a spray wand.If your local hardware store has rentals for paint sprays, you can get your roof done in 1-2 days.Load your paint into the tank after you have the sprayer.It will take about 6 days to finish if you don’t have access to a paint spraying machine.

Step 8: If you fall, wear a safety harness and wear non-slip shoes.

If you want to walk on your roof without falling, look for shoes or boots that have non-slip soles.You should install a safety harness on the peak of your roof if you have a steep roof.Attach the harness around your shoulders and legs with a rope.You shouldn’t fall off your roof while working.You can get a harness online.Keep the harness taut so it doesn’t touch your paint while it’s wet.

Step 9: If you don’t want to get paint on the skylights, cover them.

Wrap your skylights and vents with plastic sheets.Use painter’s tape to seal the edges of the plastic.If the painter’s tape is stuck to your roofing material, it may not stick at all.Plastic covers can be purchased from a paint supply shop.

Step 10: Work all the way to the bottom of the roof.

You can place your ladder in the middle of the roof.Start painting at the peak of your roof on the left side and then work across the top to the right side.Keep working on your roof.Stand on your ladder and paint the final section once you get to the bottom.

Step 11: Before painting, apply a coat of primer and let it dry.

You can apply your airless sprayer to your roof by filling it with a water-based primer.There’s a thin coat of primer on top of your roof if you coat it evenly.Before you apply paint, let the primer dry for at least 2 hours.It’s best to use a primer to get bold colors.

Step 12: You can spray the paint on your roof.

Pull the Trigger if you want to get away from your roof.The sprayer should be moved from the peak of the roof to a spot on the ground.At the end of your stroke, let the gun go.Don’t work on a windy day since the paint will blow away when you apply it.

Step 13: There are roof strips that are 1–1 ft thick.

Continue working on the opposite side of the roof after you step back from the first strip.Make sure you overlap the area you painted to get even coverage.When you reach the opposite side of the roof, go back to the side you started on to make a new strip.Continue working on your roof until it is completely coated.A person on the roof with you will help guide the hose back down to the sprayer.If your hose doesn’t reach far enough, you may need to move the airless sprayer’s tank.

Step 14: Wait at least 2 hours before your second coat.

Once you have the first coat on your roof, allow it to dry for at least 2 hours so it has time to set and be safe to walk on.If you want to apply a second coat in the same way, go back to where you started.Continue to work on your roof until it’s painted.If you want a more vibrant color, apply a third coat after 2 hours.

Step 15: If you want to paint edges or tight areas, use a brush or roller.

Once the second coat of paint is dry, get back on your roof and look for any areas you missed.The tip of a paintbrush or roller can be used to paint edges or tight corners.Wait for the first coat to dry before applying a second coat.