How To Organize Necklaces

It’s time to get your necklaces organized if they end up in a mess.As long as you keep them separated, you can use a drawer to house your collection.If you want to add sparkle to your decor, hang your necklaces on display.You can use jewelry boxes or trays to have easy access to your jewelry.It’s easy to pick out what you need if you arrange your necklaces by color and style.

Step 1: There are separate necklaces with plastic straws.

One long slit can be created by cutting a straw down one side with a box cutter or craft knife.The side of the necklace that is held in place by the straw should be threaded through the slit.The necklace will not tangle with other necklaces if the straw is used.Place the necklaces in the drawer.To keep the necklaces from sliding around, line the bottom of the drawer with a piece of velvet.The strands aren’t loose if the ends are shut.

Step 2: It’s easy to add inserts for jewelry.

You can place the trays in the drawers.The trays keep your necklaces safe and organized.Plastic silverware dividers can be used for this purpose.

Step 3: Spice jars can be used to organize your beaded necklaces.

Spice jars can fit a single necklace.Place one necklace in each jar in your drawer.The jars should be placed underneath a non-skid surface.If you prefer, you can use the magnets to attach the jars to the mirror or metal surface, instead of putting them in the drawer.If delicate necklaces get tangled up in the jars, stick to beaded necklaces.

Step 4: You can put your most used necklaces in a teacup.

Put your necklaces in an old teacup from your kitchen.You can line multiple teacups up in the drawer if you have a deeper drawer.Keep them organized by placing a necklace in each cup.

Step 5: Hooks can be added to a wall.

Hooks can be put into the wall if you don’t mind adding holes.If you want your necklaces to not get tangled, you should put them at least 1 inch apart.You can hide them behind a mirror or behind the clothes in your closet.Measure your necklaces so you know how long they are.If you need more than one row, leave enough space between rows.

Step 6: The necklaces should be hung from a key holder.

Key holders can be found at a number of stores.A plaque with hooks at the bottom is what one usually has.All you have to do is hang up the key holder and put your necklaces on it.You can place the holder in your bathroom or closet.

Step 7: For a rustic look, use decorative knobs.

Home improvement stores, flea markets, and big box stores have decorative drawer knobs.Attach them to the piece of flat driftwood in a row.The necklaces should be hung on the knobs.You can hang it on the wall by your bedroom or closet.

Step 8: Hang a few necklaces on a jewelry tree.

A jewelry tree is a good option if you don’t have a lot of necklaces.You can find them at craft stores.You can hang your necklaces from the branches.Jewelry trees don’t have enough branches to hang all of the necklaces at the same time.You can make your own jewelry tree from tree branches.Take the tree branches to your yard.They should be placed in a pretty vase.Adding glass beads to the vase will help weigh the branches down.

Step 9: If you want to protect your walls, cover the cork board with fabric.

There is a piece of cork board.Attach the fabric to the back with thumbtacks or staplers.To secure it to the back, stretch it the other way.Make sure the fabric is secured at the corners.Hang your necklaces with thumb tacks.Lean the cork board against the wall for easy placement.

Step 10: For a natural look, secure branches together.

Pick up some branches from a park.You can use yarn or zip-ties to secure 2 branches together.You can hang your necklaces from the branches.

Step 11: To make necklaces easy to move, frame them in a drawer or shadow box.

You can paint an old drawer or shadow box.If you want to decorate the cork board with fabric or paint, cover the inside panel with it.You can hang your necklaces from the drawer or shadow box with thumbtacks or pins.Attach knobs to hang necklaces.

Step 12: You can arrange shower hooks on a towel rod.

Attach the towel rod to the wall or door.Spread the shower hooks out evenly on the towel rod.The necklaces should be lined up by style or color.

Step 13: Keep necklaces separated with a pocket organizers.

A pocket organizer is a piece of fabric with pockets in it and a hook at the top.Place a necklace in each pocket.The organizers should be hung in an easily accessible place.The zippers on the pockets of some of the organizers make it easy to take with you on trips.

Step 14: It’s easy to lay out necklaces with a tray.

A large tray is wide enough to hold your necklaces.You can put them in a row in the tray and organize by style or color.The tray does not need to be made for jewelry.Try using a vintage serving tray.

Step 15: The jewelry came in cardboard boxes.

No matter where you buy jewelry, you end up with small boxes.Attach them with paperclips.Put the paperclip over the joined edges of the bottoms.Place the boxes in a drawer or tray.Each jewelry box has a necklace in it.

Step 16: Individual jewelry boxes can be used to hide expensive pieces.

You shouldn’t let costume jewelry be out in the open if you want to protect it from damage.Put the jewelry boxes away for safe keeping.Individual spaces for necklaces can be found in jewelry boxes.Many of these are lovely to sit on and look decorative.