How To Mosh in a Mosh Pit

Is moshing cool, but you’re not sure how to try it?Before you go into a mosh pit for the first time, you want to make sure you know what to expect.You can have a great first moshing experience if you follow basic mosh pit decorum and dress for the occasion.

Step 1: You don’t care about clothes getting ruined.

You don’t feel attached to a cheap outfit and wear old, worn clothes.In a mosh pit, clothing can get easily ripped or stained, so don’t wear your favorite shirt or new white kicks.

Step 2: If possible, wear contact lenses.

If you don’t have contact lens, you should ask a friend that is not going into the pit to hold your glasses for you.It is easy for a pair of glasses to fall off in a mosh pit.

Step 3: Don’t wear jewelry or accessories that are loose.

Just like with glasses, your loose jewelry and accessories could fall off and disappear in the mosh pit.Leave these items at home or ask a friend not to hold them for you.

Step 4: Make sure your shoes are fastened.

You don’t want to fall into the mosh pit because someone stepped on your untied laces.

Step 5: Wait for the pit to open.

Wait in the general area of the concert crowd for the mosh pit to start.If the mosh pit has started, don’t do any moshing.It is getting ready to start when the performer announces it or other concert goers make a clearing near the stage.

Step 6: If you have a drink, finish it or leave it with a friend.

Don’t bring a drink to the mosh pit.You can end up spilling it on yourself.

Step 7: Once you are ready, enter the mosh pit.

You can get away from the edge of the circle by going through the other moshers.Don’t be surprised if people push you at this point.If you don’t want to dive right into the mosh pit, stay at the edge of the pit and observe until you feel ready to enter.

Step 8: Start eating.

If you want to make a lap around the pit, jump up and down in place.You should have your hands open and your arms up.Push people or hit them.It is ok to push people around, but remember you are not there to hurt anyone.Elbowing anyone in the chest can be quite painful.

Step 9: Keep up with the music and people around you.

Cool off and take a break during slow songs, and be prepared for everyone to start moshing harder once the music picks up again.

Step 10: Should anyone fall, stop and help them up.

If you see someone on the ground, stop and help them stand up.Help them to the edge of the pit if they are hurt.

Step 11: Dropping items should be held above your head.

Pick up the phone or shoe if you see it on the ground.Hold the item up until someone claims it.

Step 12: Don’t put things in the mosh pit.

You shouldn’t join in when other people are throwing things.You could hurt someone.

Step 13: Don’t try to make fun of people that are not in the pit.

Some people at the show just want to enjoy the music.Don’t pull people out of the pit or mosh after you leave.

Step 14: The venue staff is in the pit.

Staff from the venue will sometimes enter the pit to keep things under control.If you try to mosh with them or give them a hard time, you could be thrown out of the show.