How To Melt Nutella

If you want to use the spread in a recipe or on your morning toast, you’ll need to remove the jar of it.If you scoop it into a bowl, you can microwave it quickly.Put the jar of Nutella into a bowl of hot water and you will be able to melt a larger amount.If you only need a small amount of Nutella, you can use a metal knife or spoon to spread it.

Step 1: Put the nutella in a bowl.

If you’re using it for a recipe, make sure you know how much you need to melt.The hard Nutella can be put into a microwave-safe bowl or dish.Don’t use a plastic spoon or bowl to stir the food.Chemicals can be washed into the food.

Step 2: For 15 seconds, microwave the food.

The microwave should be set to medium-low.If you want to heat the bowl of Nutella, place it in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Step 3: For 15 more seconds, microwave it.

You can stir the food with a spoon in the microwave.It will melt evenly.For 15 more seconds, microwave the food.

Step 4: Check the consistency by stirring the nutella.

If there are still thick clumps, stir the nutella again to see if it’s melted.Continue to microwave it for 15 seconds at a time.It can burn and clump up if it is microwaved too much.

Step 5: Bring the water to the boil.

Turn the water kettle on to high heat.The water should boil.

Step 6: Take the boiling water and put it in a bowl.

Carefully pour enough hot water to fill the bowl halfway after you get out a heat-proof bowl.If you pour too much water it will spill over the side of the bowl.

Step 7: The jar should be placed in the hot water.

Put the jar into the hot water with the lid removed.Don’t let water get into the jar.If you want to heat a small amount, you can scoop it into a bowl.If the water won’t come over the sides and into the Nutella, you can place it in the hot water.

Step 8: Stir and soften the food.

The hot water will take about 5 minutes to warm up.If the jar is melted, remove it from the water with a wooden or metal spoon.If you don’t, let the food sit in the hot water until it’s melted.This is a gentle way of heating the food because you won’t cook it.

Step 9: Under hot water, cook a metal knife or spoon.

If you only need to make a small amount of the spread, you can use a spoon or butter knife.Put the spoon or knife in the hot water after running it into a cup.Allow it to sit in the cup for a short time.This will make the metal hotter.You can purchase an electric butter spreader.This small knife can be used to melt a small amount of Nutella.

Step 10: You can heat the knife or spoon in your coffee or tea.

Some people like to have coffee or tea with their toast.Simply put your spoon or butter knife into your coffee or tea.Leave it there for a moment to heat it up.

Step 11: Spread the food until it starts melting.

The butter knife or spoon can be found in the hot water, coffee, or tea.It’s a good idea to wipe it on a clean cloth so you don’t get water in your jar.Spread it on whatever you’re using if you need to.The heat from the knife or spoon will melt the nutella.If your knife or spoon cools off too much, just wipe it clean and put it in the hot water, coffee or tea for another minute.You can spread it and melt it.