How To Make Your Resume ROAR (Results Oriented and Relevant)

One of the most important characteristics of a resume is that it must be results oriented and relevant to potential employers.Many resumes present the reader with life histories and/or restated job descriptions instead of statements of accomplishments.Many resumes don’t clearly state how the potential employer will benefit from hiring the employee.It’s up to the potential employer to determine.The resume may be ignored because of the two problems.

Step 1: Take a moment to review your resume.

If you have an existing resume, ask a friend, colleague or family member to review it.Do the statements under the experience section come closer to describing what I was told to do or do they not?If you worked in a store, you would be told to open the store more.It would be more of an accomplishment to achieve a 100% sales award.

Step 2: Task oriented statements need to be removed.

For each statement that appears to be more of a job description or “told to do”, ask if a potential employer knows my job title.The task oriented statement adds little or no value to your resume and uses up your potential employer’s goodwill reading it.Remove it.

Step 3: The results oriented statements should be added.

At this point, your resume may be a bit empty.Do you know what I accomplished on the job?There are statements that reflect each accomplishment for each position.For example, the following accomplishments might have been omitted from the resume and should be added.

Step 4: The experience section of your resume needs to be changed.

At this time, it should be more results oriented.You will find room for improvement even after weeks of iterating.

Step 5: A strong relevancy statement is needed.

The resume needs to be relevant to the employer.Determine what position you are applying for and write a few phrases explaining how your results from the experience part of your resume make you the world’s best candidate for the job.I want to apply my experience as an award winning cashier, outstanding customer service representative, and engaging team leader to manage the front end cashiers and achieve highest possible customer satisfaction at Joe’s Superstore.At the top of your resume, put these phrases under your name.It is your objectives section that you may not label this as such.

Step 6: Make sure that your resume is coherent.

Documentation in the experience section supports each phrase in your objectives section.

Step 7: You can modify the objectives statement for each position.

The experience section may be updated as well.If you want to land a job, you should tailor your resume and cover letter to your potential employer’s requirements.

Step 8: Check your resume for spelling and other mistakes.

Step 9: A friend, family member, mentor or colleague can review your resume.

It is highly likely that they will see errors in your statements.They can help you determine if it is good enough.

Step 10: Send in your resume.

If the resume is legit, you will get positive feedback from the potential employer.