How To Make Window Cleaner with Lemon Juice and Vinegar

Make your own window cleaner that will make glass and windows sparkle without the harmful fumes that come from toxic chemicals.If you locate an empty spray bottle you can start the recipe.

Step 1: You can grab a bottle of white vinegar.

If you’ve been cleaning the green way, you most likely use white vinegar to clean a variety of items in your home.

Step 2: There is a bottle of lemon juice.

You can clean the drain using the two-for-one method if you use the juice from fresh lemons.

Step 3: Purchase or reuse an empty bottle.

If you reuse a spray bottle, you should wash and rinse it very well.Consider using a spray bottle that was once used for window cleaner.If the bottle was used to house furniture polish, there is a chance that some of the oil could still be left in it and diminish the power of your window cleaner.

Step 4: To mix your window cleaner, find a container.

You can mix it in the spray bottle, or you can use a drinking glass.

Step 5: To measure 1 tbsp., you need to use a ruler.

There are 2 cups of white vinegar.The spray bottle has lemon juice in it.Shake the bottle to fully integrate.

Step 6: The hot water should be in the mixture.

The water needs to be hot but not boiling.

Step 7: Add a cap or spray bottle if you mix ingredients again.

To make sure the ingredients are well blended, be sure to shake or mix well.

Step 8: It’s finished.