How To Make Rosehip Oil

You’ve probably seen rose hip oil in hair treatments.This expensive oil can be made at home using rose hips that you’ve gathered from a rose plant or purchased locally.Warm the rose hips with oil in the slow cooker.For a no-heat version, mix the rose hips with the oil.Allow the oil and rose hips to soak for a while before you strain it.The rose hip oil should be kept in a dark jar in the refrigerator.

Step 1: Take the rose hips.

One cup of fresh or dried rose hips is all you need.They can be purchased at a local health food store, farmer’s market, or online.They can be found in your area.The rose hips are bright orange or red.When plucking the rose hips from the plant, wear leather gloves to protect the hands from thorns.Check to see if the rose hips have been sprayed with any chemicals.

Step 2: The rose hips should be combined with the oil.

The rose hips should be placed in a small slow cooker between 1 to 2 quarts.Put 2 cups of your favorite oil over the rose hips.Almond, olive, or Jojoba oils can be used.Since they are not as processed as conventionally produced oils, use organic oils.

Step 3: The oil should be on low for eight hours.

Set the slow cooker to low by covering it with its lid.The rose should be infused with the oil for eight hours.Once infused, the oil will smell fragrant and be orange in color.The oil shouldn’t get hotter than 100 F.If the slow cooker has a warm setting, use it.

Step 4: Take the oil and discard it.

Set a strainer over the bowl after the slow cooker is turned off.Carefully pour the oil through the strainer.The oil can now be thrown away.

Step 5: The rose hip oil should be kept out of sight.

The oil should be put into a jar.Put the oil in the refrigerator with a tight fitting lid.The oil can be kept for six to eight months.It is important to keep rose hip oil in a dark jar.

Step 6: Take the rose hips.

You can buy fresh or dried rose hips from a local health food store, farmer’s market, or online.Firm rose hips are bright orange or red.Pick the rose hips with leather gloves.Plants that have been sprayed with chemicals should be avoided.

Step 7: The rose hips should be dry.

If you gathered fresh rose hips, wash and dry them.Cut off the ends of the rose hip with a knife.Spread the trimmed rose hips in a single layer by laying out a sheet of newspaper.The rose should be left to dry for a week.The hair and seeds inside the rose hips can cause irritation, so some people scoop them out.The rose in oil will be strained out through the cheesecloth, so this is not necessary.

Step 8: The rose hips should be combined with the oil.

There is a glass jar with a 3 cups capacity.Put the dried rose hips in the jar and put 2 cups of almond, olive, or jojoba oil over them.The jar needs to be shut.Use a dark jar to keep the oil out of the light.

Step 9: Allow the rose to macerate in the oil for three weeks.

Put the jar of rose hip oil in the fridge.The rose hips will turn the oil into a golden, orange color over time.It will take about three weeks.

Step 10: The rose should be removed from the oil.

A piece of cloth is placed over a bowl.The rose hips should be separated from the oil by pouring it through the cheesecloth.The rose hips should be discarded.

Step 11: The rose hip oil should be kept in the refrigerator.

The rose hip oil should be put in a jar.Put the rose hip oil in the refrigerator and secure the top with a tight fitting lid.It takes six months for the rose hip oil to be used.The storage jar needs to be dark.If it is exposed to light, rose hip oil will break down.