How To Make Rolls from Frozen Bread Dough

You can get frozen bread dough at a store if you don’t have time to make your own dough.It can be used to make rolls.You can make cinnamon rolls for a sweet treat or regular dinner rolls with some basic spices.

Step 1: The cooking sheet needs to be prepared.

If you want to cover it, sprinkle it over the baking sheet.The dough won’t stick to the sheet as it thaws.You can put the sheet out in the kitchen.

Step 2: The dough should be placed on the sheet.

If the dough was wrapped in a packaging, unwrap it or remove it.The dough should be on the sheet.

Step 3: After two hours, check the bread dough.

After two hours, check on the dough.At this point, the dough should be rising.Continue to let the bread sit if it seems to be rising on its own.

Step 4: The dough should be transferred to the oven.

Place the bread in the oven if it doesn’t rise or thaw in two hours.The heat doesn’t need to be turned on.The bread will rise because of the oven’s insulation.

Step 5: The bread dough should be frozen until it doubles in size.

The bread will rise as it thaws.You can make rolls after the bread has doubled in size.

Step 6: The dough should be divided into equal pieces.

The amount of dough affects the number of pieces you end up with.The majority of frozen bread doughs contain enough dough to make 16 equal pieces.

Step 7: The pieces should be shaped into balls.

You should wash your hands.Use them to roll each piece of bread dough into a small ball.

Step 8: Add some seasoning to it.

The type of seasoning you use is up to you.Salt and paper can be tried.Sprinkled over the rolls are dried garlic and Parmesan cheese.You can add any herbs you want.You could try parsley, fresh basil, or cajun seasoning.

Step 9: For 15 to 20 minutes, bake your rolls.

Transfer your rolls to the oven by placing them on a baking sheet.The rolls should be baked for 15 to 20 minutes.Once they’re golden brown, remove them from the oven.

Step 10: Roll in the fridge.

Uneaten rolls should be wrapped individually and stored in a container.You can keep them in the fridge for a couple of days.

Step 11: The dough should be rolled into a circle.

Dust a cutting board.To flatten the dough into a rectangular shape, place it on the surface and use a rolling pin.

Step 12: There is a layer of melted butter.

Spread butter over the dough.The amount of butter you use depends on the size of your bread dough, but it should be enough to cover the dough.The best way to spread butter is with a pastry brush.You can use a spoon or spatula if you don’t have a pastry brush.

Step 13: There is a layer of cinnamon.

The cinnamon should be spread over the bread dough.You want cinnamon to cover the butter.

Step 14: The dough should be rolled up.

Roll the dough with your hands.The dough should be rolled into a cylinder.

Step 15: The dough should be sliced into equal-sized pieces.

The thickness is up to you.Thin pieces or thick pieces can be used to make cinnamon rolls.

Step 16: The rolls should be baked at 350 F.

The rolls will be put on a baking sheet.The rolls should be golden brown by the time they are baked.

Step 17: Add icing to it.

It is possible to make your own icing with butter, powdered sugar, cream or milk.Store bought icing can be used to coat your rolls.

Step 18: The cinnamon rolls should be kept in the fridge.

Store your cinnamon rolls in a container in the fridge by wrapping them in plastic wrap.Two to three days is how long baked goods last.