How To Make Perler Bead Keychains

Perler beads can be used as a variety of craft materials.They have been used to create cute geeky hair clips or “sprites” of video game characters, among other things.In a unique and inexpensive way, Perler bead keychains are a great accessory for purses, backpacks, and lanyards.

Step 1: Take your materials.

You might have to order the key chains online if you want to find Perler beads, jump rings, and accessories in craft stores.Attach your creation to the item you’re accessorizing with string.

Step 2: The work area needs to be prepared.

Pull out a pegboard if you’re using one, or use a hard, iron-safe work surface like a wooden table.

Step 3: You should make a pattern.

You can arrange the Perler beads in any pattern you want, such as a heart or Pokeball.If you need a reference, use a picture.

Step 4: Prepare to use the iron.

If you use a pegboard, make sure to transfer it to an ironing board.Leave the beads on the surface if you don’t use a pegboard.Put a sheet of Perler ironing paper over your design.Make sure the iron is on a dry setting.

Step 5: The beads should be covered with the hot side of the iron.

Make sure that all of the beads are fused by moving it in a circular motion.Pressing too hard can cause beads to fall out of place.There should be no visible holes in the center of completely fused beads.

Step 6: The iron should be put aside.

Let the beads cool off when you put a heavy flat object on top of your creation.

Step 7: The heavy object should be removed.

Lift the fused beads and flip them over, then iron the back.

Step 8: Carefully poke a hole in one of the beads.

If you have a jump ring, open it with your fingers or jewelry pliers.Push it through the hole.If you use string, thread it through the hole.

Step 9: Put the jump ring around the key chain’s end and join it through the last link.

If using string, simply loop the string through the key chain’s last link, tie it off in a knot, and trim the ends.

Step 10: Attach the key chain to a purse, backpack, or other object.

The Perler bead creation can be tied directly to the purse.The person is using string.