How To Make Paper Roses

Paper roses can be made with minimal supplies.They are a great gift to give to someone special.The rolling method can be used to make paper roses.Paper roses can be made using the folding method which takes a bit longer and requires more practice.Both methods have an impressive end result.

Step 1: You can get a sheet of construction paper.

The standard size of paper is A4.You can make the paper roses with your preferred color of construction paper.The amount of paper roses you can make depends on the size of the rose.One sheet of A4 paper is large enough to make one paper rose.You do not have to use construction paper.There are also old book pages that can be used.Pink, red, white, yellow, orange, and blue are some of the popular paper colors for roses.

Step 2: Cut a circle out of the paper.

A compass can be used to trace something onto the paper.You can easily change mistakes with a pencil.Scissors are used to cut out the construction paper after you have drawn the circle.Cut out 1 circle for each rose you want to make.An approximate size is a circle that is 4 in 10 cm.To adjust the size of your paper rose, use smaller or larger circles.If you want to make smaller roses, trace around a coffee mug.

Step 3: There is a spiral within the circle.

A spiral that begins along the edge of the circle and ends in the center can be drawn with a pencil.If you start the spiral narrow, it will widen towards the center.The center of the spiral needs to be thick.If you feel confident in cutting one without a guideline, you don’t need to draw a spiral on the circle.If you prefer, you can draw a spiral with slightly wavy edges.

Step 4: The spiral needs to be cut out.

Follow the spiral that you drew on the circle.After you have cut the spiral out, you can erase any pencil lines.

Step 5: The paper has a spiral shape.

Roll the paper towards the center from the narrow end of the spiral.The paper may need to be folded at the beginning of the spiral because it is very narrow.The rose has a center.Roll the paper tightly to keep it from unraveling.

Step 6: To make a flat base, fold the spiral center.

It will be hard to roll it any further if you reach the center of the spiral.Simply press the center of the spiral over the base.The paper will be on the ground.The rose has a flat base.

Step 7: The rose should be uncoiled to your preferred size.

Slowly release the pressure that is holding the rose together.The rose becomes larger as it uncoils.When you want the rose to be bigger, stop letting it fall.

Step 8: Glue the base to the rose.

Place hot glue in the center of the flat base once the rose is your desired size.The spiral rose should be pushed against the base to hold it together.While you wait for the hot glue to dry, you may have to hold the rose in place for a short time.The rose is ready to use once the glue is dry.You can use craft glue instead of hot glue, but it will take a long time to dry.

Step 9: Cut out squares from construction paper.

Pick your favorite color of construction paper.To mark out the squares, use a ruler and pencil.Use scissors to cut out the 4 squares.To make a paper rose, you need 4 squares.If you want to create more paper roses, make more squares.The best material to use for this type of paper rose is card stock because it is strong enough to hold all of the layers together.

Step 10: Each square should be folded in half.

The diagonal corner of the square was brought to the opposite corner.To create a triangle shape, press along the fold.For all 4 squares, repeat this.

Step 11: One corner of each triangle base should be folded over the other side.

You can face each triangle base.One corner of each triangle base should be brought up to the middle of the opposite edge.The corner is beyond the edge when it is folded.This looks like a few smaller triangles.

Step 12: Each piece of paper should be brought over the other side of the base corner.

The second corner of the base should be folded over the first corner to the opposite side.The second corner will reach approximately 2 in over the edge.For each piece of paper, repeat this.

Step 13: The sole point is on each piece of paper.

The paper has four points, with three on one side and one on the other side.To draw the rounded edge shape of a petal from one side of the triangle to the other, use a pencil.This is done on all four sheets of folded paper.

Step 14: You can cut out a flower shape from each piece of paper.

Cut around the guidelines that you drew on the paper with scissors.The group of 3 points should be separated from the sole point.If you prefer, use an eraser to remove pencil marks.

Step 15: Cut the point off the petals.

Use scissors to cut across the point.The shape is created with 1 straight edge and 1 rounded edge.The rest of the paper should be thrown away.

Step 16: Curl the petals around the toothpick.

To see flower-like shapes with a hole in each center, unfold the 4 sheets of paper.Wrap the top of the petals around the toothpick.

Step 17: Cut the petals from the rose pattern.

To create a gap in the ring of petals, simply cut along the fold.The first rose pattern should be left as it is.Remove petals from the second, third, and fourth patterns.The first pattern has all 6 petals, the second has 5, third has 4 and the fourth has 3 petals remaining.The group of 2 petals and the single petals are what you need to keep.The rest can be thrown away.

Step 18: To join the petals into a ring, glue the ends of the rose pattern together.

Attach the ends of the rose pattern with a glue stick.Each ring gets smaller.Attach one side to the other to make a cone-like shape.

Step 19: Glue a piece of paper to the base of the rose.

The construction paper should be the same color.Make sure that the ring in the center of the rose is completely covered.The rose has a base.The size of the paper depends on how much paper you cut out.In most cases, 2 in will work.If you don’t know the size of the ring, measure it first.

Step 20: Put the rose together and glue it together.

Glue the 5-petal rose into the center of the 6-petal one to keep it secure.Place the 4-petal rose into the center of the 5-petal roses until you reach the final 1 petal rose layer.A rose shape is formed by the end result.Attach the layers with glue around the base of the rose.Press the petals onto the base to hold it together.For each layer of petals, repeat this process.Attach each layer with either a hot glue gun or craft glue.Once the rose is done, let it dry.