How To Make Edible Makeup Cake Decorations

It is easy to make makeup cake decorations, but only a professional baker can do it.Having makeup on hand to use as models for your decorations is also helpful.Learn how to make makeup themed cake decorations using fondant.

Step 1: Purchase or make some.

The thick dough is often used for cake decorating.It’s perfect for making makeup because you can shape it into a variety of designs.The cake decorating section of craft stores has fondue.You will need a package or recipe to make your makeup.

Step 2: Pick out the colors you will use for your makeup.

You can buy pre-dyed or dye fondant to be almost any color, but you need to plan out what colors you will need.If you want to make a lipstick for your cake, you might need some red or pink fondant.You might want green, purple, or blue fondant if you want to make an eyeshadow palette.Take the makeup items you want to make and the colors you think you will need.Black fondant is essential for making makeup.Food safe dye is needed to dye fondant.You can find cake decorating dye colors in craft stores.

Step 3: You can add dye to the pieces with a toothpick.

When you are ready, put on a pair of food-safe vinyl gloves and break your fondant into pieces.Use a toothpick to add dye to the fondant.If you want to transfer the dye, you have to stick a toothpick into it.toothpicks should be thrown away after they have touched the fondant.Do not put them in the dye again.You will need to buy black fondant at a craft store because it is almost impossible to dye it black.Other dark colors, such as red, can be difficult to achieve, so you may want to purchase these colors as well.

Step 4: It’s a good idea to mix by kneading the fondant.

When you add some dye to the fondant, mix it with your hands.The dough should distribute the color evenly.The color should look uniform when you keep kneading.If the color isn’t as dark as you want it to be, then add more dye and knead again.If the color is too dark, add some white fondant and knead the dyed piece with the white piece to lighten it.

Step 5: The fondant should be rolled into a cylinder.

Roll a piece of black or white fondant into a cylinder.The cylinder should be a little smaller in diameter than a lipstick tube, and it should last about half as long.The lipstick tube can be used to help you with the size.To create flat edges on the ends of the cylinder, cut off the bottom and top of it.

Step 6: The base of the cylinder should be covered.

Cut out a piece of black or white fondant and then roll it out.Wrap the piece around the cylinder.Cut it off if there is any excess.The cylinder should be completely covered by the rectangular piece.

Step 7: Make a piece of lipstick.

There is a piece of colored fondant for the lipstick.Roll the piece of fondant into a sausage.The cylinder should be the same size as the first one.It will be easier to stick onto the other piece if the bottom is cut off.The top should be cut off at an angle.Cut off the top of your lipstick at an angle because it’s usually at the bottom.

Step 8: Attach the lipstick to the tube

After your lipstick piece is complete, add a drop or two of water to the base and press it onto the inner cylinder of the lipstick tube.Allow the lipstick to dry after setting it on a sturdy surface.

Step 9: Roll the fondant into the tube.

You can make eyeliner by rolling out a piece of fondant.Roll out a piece of green fondant to make a green eyeliner.Roll out a piece of black fondant to make your eyeliner.Make sure the fondant cylinders are the same size and length as the eyeliner pencil.If you want to get the dimensions right, you can use an eyeliner pencil.Remove the ends of the cylinder to make them flat.

Step 10: A beige cone should be used for the wood part of the tip.

The cylinder you just created is about the same diameter as the beige cone you made next.Cut off the tip of the cone and the bottom of it so that it has a flat edge.Attach the cone to the cylinder with water.

Step 11: The pencil tip can be shaped.

You should get a small piece of the same color fondant as you use for the cylinder.The piece should be shaped into a cone.The tip of your eyeliner will be the cone, so make sure it is nice and straight.Attach the tip to the top of the beige cone with a drop of water and set the pencil aside to dry.

Step 12: A piece of fondant can be rolled into a ball.

Roll the colored fondant into a ball with your nail polish bottle.You can use any color you want.If you want a bottle of pink nail polish, you can use pink fondant.If you want a bottle of yellow nail polish, you should use yellow fondant.If you want to get the right size for your nail polish bottle, you can use an actual bottle as a model.

Step 13: Take a piece of black fondant and shape it into a cone.

You will need to make a piece of fondant for the nail polish bottle.If you want to shape it into a cone, use a piece of black fondant.The cone piece needs to be scaled to fit the ball piece.The size of the cone piece should be checked against your bottle.

Step 14: Attach the ball to the cone by cutting off the bottom.

You have shaped your cone.The top and bottom of the cone can be cut off.Drop or two of water should be used to stick the cone onto the ball piece.Put the nail polish bottle away.

Step 15: Make your bottle shiny.

If you want your nail polish bottle to look shiny, you can use a small food safe brush to apply a thin layer of shortening to the bottle.This will give your nail polish bottle a light sheen so that it will look shiny when the light hits it.

Step 16: Cut out circles for the bases.

To make a base for eyeshadows, you will need to roll out and cut out black fondant.To make it 14 inch thick, roll out the fondant.Circle cookie cutters can be used to create perfect circular eyeshadow pots.If you want to make rectangular pots, you should cut out a couple of rectangles.Determine what dimensions you will need by using some of your actual eye shadow pots.

Step 17: Cut out circles for eyeshadow.

You will need to make some eyeshadow for the pots.Cut out pieces that are smaller than the ones you made for the pots.You should make each piece about 12 inch smaller than the black pot piece you created.Attach the eyeshadow pieces to the palette pieces with a drop or two of water and dry them.If you want, you can shape, imprint, or indent the pieces.For example, you could use the side of a ruler to make small indents in a rectangular piece, or use a fondant imprint mat to press a design (like a heart or flower) into the fondant eyeshadow.

Step 18: Make an eyeshadow brush.

You can make an eyeshadow applicator by cutting out a small black and white piece of fondant and placing it on top of the eyeshadow.Attach the cone with a drop of water.