How To Make Coconut Milk from Coconut Cream

Don’t despair if the pantry only has coconut cream and coconut milk.The cream can be turned into milk.

Step 1: Purchase or take out the coconut cream can.

Step 2: The coconut cream should be poured into two bowls.

It is important to include an even amount of coconut cream in each bowl.

Step 3: Water should be added to each bowl.

It depends on the consistency you want.It’s best to add small amounts and build up.

Step 4: The coconut cream and water needs to be mixed thoroughly.

The consistency should look like coconut milk.

Step 5: Either way, use or store.

If storing, pour into a jar or container and keep it out of sight.If you keep it longer than a few more days, it will go off.

Step 6: You can choose a coconut cream.

This can be made by the cup or quart.

Step 7: Open the can.

The coconut cream should be poured into two bowls.

Step 8: Coconut water can be added to each bowl.

At the ratio of 1 ounce of coconut cream to 7 or 8 ounces of packaged coconut water, mix it.

Step 9: Stir vigorously or shake.

You can now make coconut milk at home.

Step 10: Either use or store.

You can follow the freezer method in the tips.