How To Make an Impossible Bottle

The result of dedicated focus, patience, a steady hand, and a great deal of thinking is impossible bottles.The article will show you how to put things in a bottle.

Step 1: Throw away the plastic wrapper.

Step 2: The cards need to be removed.

Step 3: Put the sticker in the blow dryer.

It will come off easily.

Step 4: Use a blow dryer or a sharp hobby knife to slice open the bottom of the box so that it can be flattened.

Step 5: Place box into bottle and unflatten.

Reseal the bottom seam with glue using a bent piece of wire or other appropriate tool.If you want to get strong glue in the right place, use some craft glue and be patient.

Step 6: Place one card at a time.

Step 7: To make the sticker sticky, close the box and heat it.

If it doesn’t get sticky enough, use more glue.

Step 8: Put the ball in the fuzzy area so the hole doesn’t rip out too much of the fuzz.

Step 9: Put the ball in a vice and squeeze it.

Step 10: Use a bike pump needle to seal the hole.

Step 11: Roll the ball up or poke it into the bottle.

Step 12: The needle can be poked out of the neck by turning the bottle upside down.

Attach the flexible hose on the end to the bike pump.

Step 13: Pull the needle out after you re-inflate the ball.

Step 14: Put a drop or two of paint over the hole by combing over it.

The hole in the ball can be sealed with strong glue if it re-inflates itself, then you can pierce the hole with a skewer once the bottle is in.

Step 15: The cube has 27 parts.

Step 16: Attach the cube to the bottle.

You will need a 3 and a quarter inch inner diameter to fit the cube together.It will be helpful to have long-handled tools to apply force, as you will need to poke each cube into place.