How To Make a Warrior Cat Clan Indoors

The Warrior Cats series is great.Have you ever wanted to be a part of a warriors clan?Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn, hunting numerous different types of prey, getting into awesome battles, and taking a nap.Your imagination can become reality.

Step 1: A warrior cat can be created.

You are a cat.Pick your colour, markings, personality and eye colour.The colour of the cat should be possible.Your cat should have a warrior name.Don’t use words that cats do not know, like “plastic”.Something related to where they live would be great.You can use a name based on an animal’s appearance or personality.

Step 2: You can make your own clan.

MetalClan are not natural names.If you want to use one of the original clan names, try something like BreezeClan.The clan name should match the warriors in the clan personality.

Step 3: You should name your clan.

The other clans will know which clan you are if you name your clan correctly.The name and the suffix -clan are used for FireClan.When naming your clan, make sure it’s based on your territory or clan specialty.

Step 4: There are friends to be found in your clan.

If you aren’t, find a few apprentices, warriors, kits, medicine cat, deputy, and leader.When your friends are around, you can talk about your new clan.If it seems fun, they may want to join your clan.Some friends are apprentices, some are warriors, and one is the medicine cat.Since they don’t do much in a clan, elders and queens are not necessary.Make them apprentices if they don’t know much about warriors.If you have too many apprentices, make young ones kits and the ones who know more about the warrior cat series.

Step 5: Substitutes can be used.

Substitute with plush cats if you don’t have enough players.As long as you have warriors and apprentices, a deputy and a medicine cat, they’ll work.It’s important to have a fresh-kill pile for them.Use other items to kill someone.

Step 6: Decide which part of the camp you want to stay in.

The bathroom can be a dirt place, the kitchen can have a kill pile.

Step 7: It’s a good idea to make your room look like your clan camp.

The territory is your house.A pile of things should be covered with a large blanket.Put blue construction paper near your door to make it look like water.A nice tree will help.It’s possible to make your room seem more natural with stickers on your walls.

Step 8: You can make a high rock.

The leader’s den is in the inside of the Highrock.It can be made out of pillows.Stack a few pillows then put a blanket straight and put something strong on top of them.

Step 9: The nursery should be made.

If your camp is attacked, hide it, make it out of strong pillows, and if anyone under the age of six is inside, it won’t fall and hurt them.

Step 10: A medicine den is needed.

Make it with strong pillows and make your own herbs.

Step 11: A warrior’s den is what you should make.

It can be made out of strong pillows and blankets.

Step 12: Make a den for apprentices.

Put folded blankets as the nest.

Step 13: You can make a map.

Make a map so you know exactly where you are and don’t wander off into another unknown territory.