How To Make a Thong

There is a sexy type of underwear.Maybe you would like to own a pair, but don’t want to go to the store to buy it.Maybe you already have store-bought underwear and want to make a new craft project out of it.As long as you have basic sewing skills, you can make your own thong.

Step 1: You should measure yourself.

To determine the length of the band for your thong, you need to take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your hips.

Step 2: You should gather your materials.

The lace trim needs to be as long as the measurements for the crotch and the waistband.The lace should be about two inches wide.You will need a piece of cotton fabric for the lining, which is three square inches.The cotton fabric should be the same color as the lace you choose.

Step 3: You need to cut your lace.

You will divide your lace into four pieces, two for the band of your underwear and the other for your crotch.Take your hip measurements, divide by two, then cut the lace into two pieces.If you want to cut your crotch piece, you’ll have to measure it and cut two equal strips.If you divide 38 inches by two, you’ll get 19 inches for each strip.If you measure 10 inches for your crotch piece, you can cut two pieces of lace.

Step 4: The waist band should be pinned together.

You will need to pin your lace together to begin sewing.Place one pin on each end of your hip pieces and lay one on top of the other.

Step 5: Put your crotch pieces together.

Instead of two vertical pins, you’ll create a line of horizontal pins through the middle of the lace by laying your crotch pieces on top of each other.Place pins across the fabric by starting at one end.When you reach the other end of your lace, point the pins at the bottom of the fabric to create a diagonal.

Step 6: The waist band needs to be sewed together.

If you are brave, use a sewing machine or a needle and thread to sew the pieces together.You’ll want to use a zigzag or serger for the best stitch.You shouldn’t have any extra fabric sticking out past the stitch if you sew both ends together.

Step 7: Take the crotch piece and sew it together.

You’ll be sewing through the middle of your pieces instead of the end as this piece will be sewn a bit differently.Follow the pins through the middle and then down the diagonal towards the bottom corner.This will make a bigger piece for the front of your underwear.

Step 8: To sew, line the seams up.

Taking your crotch piece, line up the wider side with one side of your waistband, both with the insides facing out, and sew along the top and bottom of it using a zigzag stitch.Do the same thing with the other side of the crotch.You should see a continuous seam if you do that.

Step 9: A cotton lining can be added.

It is good for hygiene and comfort.Take your cotton fabric, cut a piece that fits inside the crotch of your thong, and sew along three sides, leaving the highest side open.

Step 10: The finished product should be viewed.

Try it on after you’ve finished sewing.The lace is stretchy so you shouldn’t have had to add more material.You should consider buying lace trim that is less than two inches wide if you decide the bands are too thick.

Step 11: You should gather your materials.

There is a piece of fabric about 10 inches by 12 inches that is stretchy.You will need elastic for the leg holes in your underwear.This elastic will show if you pick a color you want to match.You can always try substituting some stretchy lace for the elastic if you find it uncomfortable.

Step 12: Cut out a triangle pattern

Before you cut your fabric, you’ll want to make a pattern that is comfortable for you.A good starting point is to cut a triangle out of a piece of paper with the two longest sides at 9 inches and the shortest side at 7.25 inches.Hold the triangle up to yourself and decide if it needs to be bigger or smaller, and then cut it to fit the dimensions you want.The tip of the triangle should point down, so cut your fabric with that in mind.

Step 13: Cut the fabric triangle.

Once you have decided on the dimensions for the pattern, lay the paper pattern over your fabric, trace a triangle onto it, and then cut it out.You can cut the exact dimensions of the pattern if you use a very stretchy fabric, but you may want to cut a bigger piece so you have more fabric to work with.

Step 14: Cut three pieces of elastic.

You will need elastic for the back of your underwear, as well as the sides of it.The elastic for the sides should be one inch shorter than the side of the triangle, but you can adjust for your comfort.

Step 15: Cut elastic to measure your waist.

Depending on where you plan to wear your thong, the elastic for the waistband needs to be one inch shorter than your hips or waist measurement.Use a measuring tape to measure waist or hips, and then cut a piece of elastic one inch less than that measurement.Depending on where you want to sit, your hip or waist measurement will be used, as well as the length of your back elastic.If you want your thong to sit on your hips, you’ll need less elastic for your waistband and more for the back elastic.

Step 16: The sides of your underwear have elastic pinned to them.

Take your elastic and put it on top of your fabric at the edge on the two sides that point down to make a V.Place a pin at the top of the side elastic.Pull the fabric from both sides to stretch it out, and place a pin in the elastic towards the middle, while it is still stretched.When you sew the elastic into the fabric, it will stretch to fit, even though it may crumple up a bit.

Step 17: Put elastic on the sides.

Once you have finished pinning, using a stretch stitch or zigzag stitch, sew along the elastic, pulling and stretching the fabric as you go so that it lines up evenly.

Step 18: The back elastic has to be connected.

After sewing the elastic to the sides of your fabric, you’ll want to connect your back elastic with the front of the triangle, and sew a small seam to make sure it’s in the back.

Step 19: Attach the back to the waistband.

To make a nice circle with your waistband, you’ll want to sew the ends together.Make sure the back elastic is inside the waistband by sewing the loose end of the elastic to it.

Step 20: Line up your legs.

The back elastic rests on the fold of the waistband.Place a pin in the center of the opposite fold.Take the center of your triangle and line it up with the pin on the other side.To match the sides of the triangle, your elastic waistband should be on top of it.

Step 21: The thong needs to be sewed together.

To connect the waistband to the top of the triangle fabric, sew along the elastic and stretch the fabric as you go.Then, try on your finished product and cut any extra threads.