How To Make a Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

You can learn how to make a Potion of Swiftness.You’ll need a Brewing Stand to make the Potion.If you have a brew stand, you can combine the powders with the water, sugar, and wart.

Step 1: The crafting menu is open.

There is a 3×3 grid with an arrow and a single box next to a gray background.

Step 2: You can get 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones in the crafting menu.

In the first row, place the blaze rod in the second box, followed by the cobblestones.In order to make a Brewing Stand, the items must be arranged.The single box to the right is where the Brewing Stand will appear once you have arranged the items.If the items are arranged in this manner, they won’t make a Brewing Stand.

Step 3: The stand should be moved to your inventory.

You can equip the Brewing Stand with the Potion of Swiftness once you have assembled it.

Step 4: You can add the Brewing Stand to your hotbar.

There is a row of squares on the bottom of your screen.The Brewing Stand can be placed on a random block on the ground once it’s moved here.

Step 5: The stand is on the ground.

You can place your Brewing Stand by pressing one of the following options: Right-click on the block where you want to place the stand, tap on it, and then press the LT button.

Step 6: You can open your stand.

To open your Brewing Stand, you need to stand in front of it and press one of the following.You will see a menu with a box on the left-hand side along with one box at the top that is connected to three boxes below it when you open the Brewing Stand.There are three boxes for placing bottles and the top box for ingredients.

Step 7: There is a powder that can be added to your stand.

When you open your Brewing Stand, put a box in the top- left corner of the menu that has Blaze Powder in it.If you don’t have Blaze Powder, you can easily make it by opening the crafting menu, placing a Blaze Rod in the center square, and adding the resulting powder to your inventory.

Step 8: You can put a water bottle in one of the boxes.

The container will be used for your Potion of Swiftness.These boxes can hold up to three bottles.

Step 9: The wart should be added to the top box.

The arrow to the right of the box will turn white as the bubbles in the left box start to brew.

Step 10: The sugar should be added to the top box.

The Sugar should be added to the box after the wart is done.When the process is done, you will hear a sound of glug and sugar will disappear.

Step 11: The Potion of Swiftness is needed.

The Potion of Swiftness will be filled with the water bottle you put in one of the boxes.You can add a Redstone to the Potion if you want to modify it to give you a longer duration.