How To Make a New Yahoo! Email on Your Same Yahoo! Mail Account

It’s your Yahoo!If you have a mail account, you can create a second email address for free.You can view all of your messages in one inbox if you link this address to your original account.The new account can be used to log into Yahoo!You can choose which service you want to use when sending a new message.

Step 1: You have to sign into the Yahoo Mail website.

Use the account that you want to create a second address for to open the inbox.

Step 2: You can select settings by hovering over the gear button.

The gear button can be found in the upper-right corner of the page.

Step 3: The Accounts option can be found in the left menu.

You will see your Yahoo Mail account and any connected social network accounts.

Step 4: Click on the account you want to use for Yahoo Mail.

This will open the account settings for you.There is an account.

Step 5: Click “create address” after scrolling down.

You can setup your second address by opening a new page.

Step 6: You can enter the address you want.

You can either type in the address you want or choose from the suggested account names.You can now add to Yahoo Mail.To your account names.

Step 7: You should confirm that you want to use the name.

If you want to change the name of your second account, make sure you’re happy with it.

Step 8: To verify you’re human, enter the code.

To tell Yahoo that you’re a human, you need to complete the CAPTCHA.The code is not sensitive.You can enter the numbers that the website reads out loud if you can’t read the code.

Step 9: Use the new account to send a mail.

You write a new message in Yahoo!There is a drop-down menu at the top of the composition window.Select the new email address you just created from the menu.The “Writing email” section of the settings menu can be used to change the default account.

Step 10: You can get messages on the new account.

Your primary account’s inbox will still receive messages from your new email address.It’s easy to keep track of all of your messages.

Step 11: Go to Yahoo sites with your new account.

You can log in with your old password and new account name.Answers, Messenger, and Shopping are some of the sites and services.

Step 12: The address you receive replies to should be changed.

You can use your new email address to get responses.Setting the account as a “Reply-to address” will make it easier to sort incoming messages.Go to the settings and hover over the gear button.Click the “Accounts” option if you want to.There is an account.From the “Reply-to address” drop-down menu, select your new address.

Step 13: Get rid of your extra email account.

You can’t have more than one Yahoo account at a time.If you want to change it to something else, you’ll need to remove your extra account first.Go to the settings and hover over the gear button.Click the “Accounts” option if you want to.There is an account.Next to your email address, click the “Delete” link.The account should be deleted if you want to.