How To Make a Hair Roll

Hair rolls can make your hair look different.Some of the styles that incorporate hair rolls evoke classic Hollywood and others are modern and elegant.A few basic tools and some patience are all you need to make these hair styles.If you want to look like a pin-up girl, wear red lipstick and strap on some heels.

Step 1: It’s a good idea to apply styling mousse.

Before rolling hair, apply a generous amount of mousse, about the size of a ping pong ball, to your hair or the hair of the person you are styling.It will make it easier to style hair.The hair will fall out of the roll if you skip this step.

Step 2: The hair is down the middle.

Use a comb to cut the hair.If you want to have two sections of hair framing the face and one section in the back, you have to part the hair from ear to ear.The back section of hair should be kept out of the front section.

Step 3: It’s a good idea to spray hair with a spray gun.

The two front portions of hair can be sprayed.Take one of the front sections of your hair, hold it straight up, and tease it from the tips to the roots.This adds volume to the hair.

Step 4: Start with one section of hair.

Pull one of the free sections of hair out of your head at a 90 degree angle.Put the foam roller in the section of hair you’re holding.With your fingers, hold the tips of your hair to the roller so that more and more hair is wrapped around it.The roller is close to your head.

Step 5: The roller needs to be removed.

If your hair roll is three inches from your head, you need to remove the roller from it.Roll your hair until it is on top of your head.Roll your hair inward towards your part as opposed to away from it.

Step 6: The hair roll needs to be pinned.

You can pin up the hair roll after you have finished rolling the first section.If you want the roll to stay in place, you have to slide the other part of the pin through the hair.Make sure your hair stays in place with several pins.

Step 7: The front section of hair needs to be rolled.

The same process can be used to clip the other section of hair.You should have two tall hair rolls on your head.The Victory Roll was popular in the 1940s.

Step 8: The back section of hair can be rearranged as you please.

If you want to deal with the back portion of hair, you can create additional rolls below the top rolls.The hair may be left in back down if you decide to do a half-up look.Curl this hair with a curling iron.The back section of hair can be clipped up.Simply clip the hair up under the rolls for a sleek look.

Step 9: It’s a good idea to use a spray on the hair rolls.

Take care of the hair rolls.This will make it less likely that there will be flyaways.

Step 10: It’s a good idea to use styling mousse.

Before putting hair in bottom rolls, make sure to use a generous amount of styling mousse or cream.This will help keep the hair in the rolls.The styling mousse should be applied evenly to your hair.

Step 11: Part and section of hair.

There is a central part to your hair.Two sections of hair are created in the front and back.Take one section of hair and make sure the other sections don’t get in your way.

Step 12: You can coil a section of your hair.

In the same way that a rope is twisted, take one section of hair and twist it between your fingers.The twist needs to be neat looking with no flyaways.You can coil the twist by holding the base of the hair against your head with one hand and circling your twisted hair around it with the other.There is a roll behind your ear.Make sure you pin it in a way that the hair doesn’t fall out.

Step 13: Go back and forth with the other sections.

Take the rest of your hair and twist it.If you want to create a neat updo, Pin the sections next to each other, so that you can’t see that the hair rolls are made of three separate sections.The hair rolls should look like a line over the neck.

Step 14: It’s a good idea to spray with hairspray.

It’s a good idea to spray the hair rolls.The style should be reinforced so that it stays put.If you are worried that the hair will fall down, you can add additional pins.

Step 15: It’s a good way to use styling mousse.

Use a styling mouse to focus on the hair at the front of the head.You want the hair to get a good portion of the mousse so you can create the bangs roll.

Step 16: You can create a horizontal U part.

You can make a large section of hair above the center of your forehead by using a comb.The hair should hang in front of your face.

Step 17: It’s a good idea to back comb the hair.

Hold the section of hair in front of your face.The hair should be combed softly from the ends to the roots.The hair roll will be easier to make with this.

Step 18: The hair section needs to be rolled.

Roll the hair in front of your face from the tips.Roll it down, not up.The roll will look like bangs if this is done.If you want to give the roll more support and volume, consider using a hair donut or a small amount of padding.

Step 19: The hair needs to be pinned.

Take the hair roll and pin it in place.If you are using a hair donut or additional support, make sure that they are completely covered by the hair roll by pinning them in place.

Step 20: You can style the rest of the hair.

There are many ways to style the rest of your hair.One way to style with rolled bangs is to use the front hair and let the back hair down.It is possible to leave your hair down for a 50’s Rockabilly vibe.

Step 21: It’s a good idea to use hairspray.

You can smooth down flyaways after you have styled the rest of the hair.Roll bangs and any other rolls you may have put in your hair should be your focus.

Step 22: You can use styling for fine hair.

The style of roll doesn’t require styling cream and is one of the easier styles.If you have fine hair that is prone to flyaways, you may find it useful.You should brush your hair after using the mousse.

Step 23: Take your hair out of the middle.

Make a clean, even part down the middle of your hair with a comb.If you are styling the other side, tie one of the sections of hair into a pigtail.

Step 24: You should twist your hair.

Take the front pieces of hair.Pull this section of hair away from your face.Take a small section of hair next to the first section you twisted and twist it.If you hold onto the first twisted section, the twist won’t happen.

Step 25: You can combine twists.

Combine the twisted sections into one section of hair.These sections should be twisted together.When all the hair on this side has been gathered into one big twist, keep adding small handfuls of hair.

Step 26: The hair needs to be clipped.

Attach the twist to the top of your head with a large clip.Don’t let the twists get undone if you clip it at the end of the hair.When you twist the other side of your hair, make sure that the clip doesn’t get in the way.

Step 27: On the other side, repeat the twisting.

With one side of your hair clipped up, twist the other side into individual twists, and then combine to make another large twist.There should be two twists on either side.

Step 28: Make sure you have a ponytail.

Make sure the first twist doesn’t fall apart.Take the two twists into a ponytail.You can have a ponytail with a hair band.

Step 29: Straighten hair.

Since this is a modern and elegant look, you will want to make sure that your hair is free of bumps.If you have messy spots, take a comb and smooth them down.Fine hair can be clipped with bobby pins.There is a rolled section of hair.