How To Make a Guitar Pick Necklace

Are you a fan of your favourite bands?Would you like to express your musical taste?It’s easy to make guitar pick necklaces.

Step 1: You should assemble your materials.

Making your own guitar pick necklace requires only a few basic materials depending on how you want to create and personalize your necklace.Hand drill with 2mm drill bit, Sharp pin, needle, or awl are optional.

Step 2: There is a hole in the pick.

On top of your workspace, lay your guitar pick on a protective surface.Consider using an old phone book.Get a sharp pin, needle, or awl.For about 5 seconds, hold the pin over the flame.Press and poke the pin from the top of the pick.The wide portion of the pick is considered the top and the pointed tip is the bottom in most guitar pick necklaces.You can make the top and bottom of the necklace you want.Keep heating the pin and pressing it onto the pick until you can poke through it.The jump ring can fit if the hole is 2mm in size.You can heat the pin up with a stove flame or candle if you don’t have a lighter.

Step 3: The pick has a hole in it.

Put your guitar pick on the protective surface.A thick phone book is a good surface for drilling.Press the 2mm drill bit straight onto the pick if you position the drill vertically.The drill bit should be down from the pick.To begin drilling through the pick, slowly pull the drill Trigger.The drill picks up the drill treads.The direction of the drill should be reversed when the guitar pick winds up the treads.Use your fingers to clean the pick.You can use a hand drill to create a hole in the pick if you don’t have a power drill.Simply place the hand drill down from the top of the pick and begin twisting it.To remove the pick, twist the hand drill in the opposite direction.If you use a hand drill, you can clean up the hole by drilling from the other side of the pick.

Step 4: The jump ring should be inserted.

To face upward, position the opening of the jump ring.You can open the jump ring with your thumb and pointer fingers.Attach the side of the jump ring with needle nose pliers.To open the ring, twist one end of the opening away from the other.Feed the open just ring through the hole in the pick and use your pliers to twist and pinch the two open ends together.You can use another pair of pliers to hold the ring in place if you don’t have enough strength in your fingers.The jump ring should not be pulled apart.To open it, twist the sides of the ring.The jump ring will be weakened if the ends are pulled away from each other.

Step 5: The necklace has a pick on it.

If you want to put the guitar pick on a necklace, you just need to thread the pendant through one side of the chain.If your necklace material is a leather cord or string, you can simply knot the ends together and slip the necklace over your head.If you don’t have a spare chain or want to make your own necklace, you can get some materials from your local craft store.

Step 6: Measure the material of your necklace.

You can put your necklace material out on the work surface.Measure with your ruler how long you want the necklace to stay around your neck.A common necklace measurement is 18” and 16” long.You can experiment by wrapping the necklace material around your neck.If you want your necklace to be shorter, use wire cutter to cut through the necklace material.If you want to cut through leather cord or string material, use scissors.If you want to avoid sharp metal edges, use a metal nail file.

Step 7: The necklace needs to be knotted at the ends.

If your necklace is made of leather or string, you can simply knot the ends together.The necklace has a pick pendant.To knot your necklace with one knot, simply tie a normal over hand knot at the ends of the necklace.If your necklace is longer and your cat is over your head, tie the knot first.Wrap the necklace around your neck and stand in a mirror to see yourself making the knot.If you want to knot your necklace with two knots, you need to take each end of the necklace and make a knot around the other end.Remove the excess necklace material from the knot.The trimmed end should have no more than 14” of space.Longer necklaces work better with this method.To tighten the necklace, hold the two knots away from each other, and pull the knots closer together.

Step 8: The necklace has closings on it.

If your necklace is made of metal, you need to make your own closures.You have to open the guitar pick and add a jump ring through the small ring at the end of the metal chain.Use your pliers to open the jump ring.Pinch the two sides of the jump ring together.You can add another jump ring to the smaller ring on the end of your lobster claw clasp by using your pliers.When the clasp is added, the jump ring can be added to the other necklace.Again, use pliers to open and close the jump ring.You can attach the two end closures to your homemade guitar pick necklace when the rings are closed.If your necklace is a ball-linked chain, you will most likely have a closed end.The necklace is ready to wear if you slip and snap a ball on the end of the chain.