How To Make a Deadmau5 Head

Can you not like the fact that you don’t have a head?Everyone’s favorite house artist doesn’t have to be a globe-trotting sensation.The first step is to make your very own awesome Mau5head.

Step 1: There is a beach ball.

In this method, we’ll use a beach ball as a sort of mallet.If you follow the dimensions above, you’ll want a ball that’s 14″ in diameter.You don’t want your ball to lose air during the drying process if it’s securely plugged.Any spherical object will work if it’s rigid and about the right size.

Step 2: The ball should be coated with mché.

Next, we’ll make a shell from papier mché that will form the central spherical portion of our Mau5head.There are many ways to make mché.We like the idea of any method that works for you.Once you’ve made your liquid mixture, soak thin strips of torn newspaper in it and lay them on the beach ball.Continue until your ball is completely coated and you can’t see its design through the paper.Let it dry.It’s a good idea to plan on laying down several layers of papier mché because you will want a strong, rigid Mau5head.There are online methods that recommend as many as nine layers.

Step 3: Remove the beach ball after you add more papier mché.

The initial layers may not be as thick as you want.As you see fit, add more.If you add more layers, you’ll want to let your head rest for another night.Remove the beach ball’s plug and allow it to deflate when your Mau5head is just how you want it.Pull it out when it’s deflated enough to fit through the hole.It’s likely that the beach ball is stuck to the inside of the mask, so be careful when you pull it out.To avoid tearing, be gentle.

Step 4: There is a hole for your head.

To get your head into the mask, you’ll want to enlarge the hole that you left for the beach ball’s plug.As you work, make small, conservative cuts and test the size of the opening frequently – it’s always possible to cut more, but not to reverse the cuts you’ve already made.Everyone’s head is different.You may find that your hole needs to be bigger or smaller because it will fit most people.

Step 5: A mouth hole can be cut.

There is no good without an enormous, scary grin.To draw an outline for your Deadmau5 you’ll want your mouth to be about 50 degrees wide with the top edge horizontal and the corners of the mouth reaching to the sides of your mask.On a 180 degree angle, the corners of the mouth should align.Start a cut in the middle of your mouth with a knife.Cut along your lines with scissors until your mouth is completely cut out.

Step 6: Cut two circles for your ears.

Deadmau5 has big, circular ears.Cut two circles from a cardboard box, leaving a small “tab” of material on each ear to fit into slots you’ll cut to hold the ears in place.You don’t have to have the same size ears as the ones on the real Mau5head.

Step 7: Attach the ears to the head.

Slits in the top of your mask’s head can be cut with a knife.The slits should be wide enough to hold the “tabs” on your ears.The back of the head should be the location of your slit at an angle of about 15 degrees.Attach the ears’ tabs with tape or glue.

Step 8: The ears to the head have been mchéd.

Taking special care to add plenty around the ears’ tabs, thin layers of mché are added to cover them.There is a tab inside the mask and you may want to add something to it.Allow it to dry.

Step 9: A Styrofoam ball can be cut in half.

Small styrofoam balls, which can be found at most craft stores, are a perfect low-cost solution for making Deadmau5’s eyes.A 4.5″ (11.43 cm) styrofoam ball is what you’ll want.Cut your sphere in half.Rather than using scissors, use a knife.

Step 10: You can also tape colored lights to the back of your styrofoam eyes.

In low-light conditions, you can tape electric lights to the rear “flat” portion of each eye.If you want your lights to be embedded within the eyes, you may want to carve a notch in each eye.The light should shine through the styrofoam and make the whole eye appear to light up.

Step 11: Glue your eyes together.

The bulging eyes on the Mau5head should be close to each other.Attach your eyes directly onto the head if you’re not using colored lights for the eyes.If you are using colored lights, you may need to make small holes in the head to fit the wires.Glue your eyes in place.Feed any wire through the two small holes beneath the eyes if you use colored lights.If your lights are switch-on, make sure you have easy access to the switch.If you wear the Mau5head, you might want to put the wire down the back of your shirt and into your pocket.

Step 12: The inside of the mouth should be covered with a thin mesh.

To form the Mau5head’s “teeth”, stretch a thin fabric mesh across the inside of his mouth.Either hot glue or tape it in place.Paint the mesh white if it isn’t already white.As you look through the mesh to see where you’re going, you should be as thin and tight as possible.

Step 13: Try to fit the mask.

Before putting on your mask, make sure it’s comfortable.Make any last-minute changes to your mask to make it look better.Someone may be able to see your face.You’re probably fine if you get “not really”, “kinda” or “no”.If not, you can get another layer of see-through fabric behind your mesh or paint it more thickly.It’s more important that you can see than that your face is hidden.

Step 14: You can paint and decorate your mask.

You are done!The only thing left is to decorate the outside.Deadmau5 has used a lot of different masks over the years for inspiration.A bright color like candy apple red looks great when all else fails.

Step 15: Rather than paint, use fabric.

If you’re a good tailor, fabric may be a better choice for the outside of your head.The fabric looks great.You can rock several different Deadmau5 looks without having to re-paint your mask, thanks to the fact that fabric coverings are interchangeable.

Step 16: Rather than a sphere, use a lamp globe.

It’s not feasible to wait several days for a mask to dry if you’re pressed for time.If you can get your hands on one, you may want to use a plastic lamp globe as the central part of your mask.Plastic lamp globes work well.The mask above is roughly the same size as the one you want.Specialty home furnishings and some department stores sell lamp globes.Bonus points if the hole at the bottom is large enough for your head.

Step 17: You can put a helmet inside the mask for added comfort.

If you secure a sturdy piece of headgear to the inside of the mask so that you can wear it on your head, you will find that your Mau5head is more comfortable.If you’re worried about damage to your headgear, you can use superglue.When you’re not wearing headgear, it can put stress on the mask.Make sure your mask is strong enough to support the weight of any headgear you install inside it to keep it from imploding.