How To Look Like Marilyn Monroe

The talented, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe has been a sex symbol for generations, and is known for a number of commercial films from the 1950s and 1960s.She made her way to the big screen after starting out in a series of foster homes.You have to get the makeup, hair, and style down if you want to look like Marilyn Monroe.

Step 1: You should wear dresses like Marilyn.

If you want to look like Marilyn Monroe, you have to wear her dresses as often as possible.Her dresses served to emphasize her figure, often with a belt around her waist.A halter neck dress is one of the dresses that you can try for inspiration.Marilyn’s most famous dress is the one she wore in The Seven Year Itch.When this dress blew in the wind, it looked gorgeous, but it exposed her legs.There are dresses with sweetheart necklines that emphasize your bust.She is known for her red dresses that match the color of her lips, whether they are strapless, halters, or have sleeves that fall off the shoulder.There are white or silver dresses.Marilyn loved wearing these classy colors, and often wore white dresses with clear sleeves and ruffles in the skirt.If you want a more glamorous look, add some sequin to your dress.Marilyn wore dresses with red flowers and polka dots, even though she mostly wore solid color dresses.She was known for her stripes.

Step 2: It’s a more casual Marilyn look.

You might think of Marilyn Monroe as always dressed up, but she likes to look more casual on occasion.When you feel like having a more casual night in, you can rock her casual style while maintaining your sex appeal.A high waisted blue jeans with a white button-down shirt is one of the looks you can try.

Step 3: Wear shoes like Marilyn.

You don’t need to wear such luxurious shoes if you’re a fan of her favorite shoe designer.If you wear shoes that Marilyn was likely to wear, you’re good to go.Cream-colored close-toed heels, brown heels with white straps, and white kitten heels are some of the shoes she is known for.

Step 4: You should wear the right colors.

While avoiding all bright colors except red, Marilyn wore beige, brown, black, cream, forest green, and white.It is possible that you will know that her favourite designer was Pucci.If you want to look like Marilyn, you don’t have to wear designer clothes.You can mix it up with striped or patterned colors.

Step 5: Accessorize like Marilyn.

If you want to complete her look, you should wear accessories that are similar to Marilyn.You can tie your look together and be sexy and mysterious at the same time.A thin pink kerchief tied around your head is one of the additional features you can try.

Step 6: Go ahead and complete the look.

If you want to look like Marilyn, you should have everyday Marilyn clothes, if you can imagine such a thing, to complete your look any day of the week.If you want to look like Marilyn Monroe, you should own the classic one-piece white bathing suit, pencil skirts in different colors, a pair of high white slacks, and a bullet bra.

Step 7: You should wear the right jewelry.

No glamorous look is complete without jewels.If you want to look like Marilyn, you can go for simple, classic jewelry, such as a strand or pearl necklace, a pair of chandelier earrings, or simple studs in the ears with a more elaborate necklace.You look classy, but you don’t over do it.Sometimes Marilyn wore more dramatic jewelry, such as a necklace.She wore the occasional silver bangles.

Step 8: Do you want to dye your hair blonde?

Marilyn Monroe was not a natural blonde.If you’re really committed to the Marilyn look, you can do this even if you don’t change your color.Before you style your hair, make sure you have golden blonde locks.Though her brown-haired days are less known, a younger Marilyn did sport her natural brown locks and looked cute and natural.She wore her brown hair past her shoulders at times.

Step 9: Get the hair done.

If you want to have hair like Marilyn’s, you should get a shoulder length cut with layers in the front and back.You can give your hair more volume by combing some gel into it while it’s damp and then blow-drying it in sections.If you have more curly hair, you may want to get it straightened first.Once your hair is dry, you should separate it into sections and spray each section with spray gel, and then set it in hot rollers.After the rollers have set, you can remove them and brush your hair out in a different direction, and then add more spray under your layers.Marilyn Monroe didn’t have long hair.She had hair in a wave over her forehead.If you want to get extra bounce, flip your hair back and use styling cream through it.Marilyn Monroe did not change her hair style, color, or length every week.Her hair was always blonde and curly and fell just below her ears in the front and back.She did experiment with how curly it was, and sometimes had it longer and more wavy.

Step 10: There is nearly-flawless skin.

Whitney Snyder, Marilyn’s makeup artist, claims that Marilyn wore thick layers of Vaseline on her face to give her a glow.She was said to wash her face up to fifteen times a day in order to avoid getting any spots.She also used a skin care product.If you want to look like Marilyn, you should keep your skin clear and soft.On the pale side was Marilyn Monroe.If you want to stay true to her look, you can avoid getting too tan.You can rock her vintage look if you have darker skin.If you want to have beautiful looking skin, apply a foundation to your face and then use a face powder.You can find the products Marilyn used that work best for you.

Step 11: You should get the lipstick.

To get the Marilyn Monroe signature lips, you should apply several coats of lipstick to your lips.Today’s closest lipstick color to Marilyn Monroe is Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick, #522.Sometimes she wore a darker red shade while other times she chose a lighter red.You can find the best lipstick for your skin tone.The lips of Marilyn Monroe were luscious.If you want your top lip to be as full and luscious as your bottom lip, use lip-liner to accentuate it.Sometimes she exaggerated the cleft in her top lip, so you can exaggerate yours, too, with the help of lip-liner.Adding a bit of foundation to the center of your lip is possible.

Step 12: Get the eyes like Marilyn.

If you want to get those gorgeous Marilyn Monroe eyes, you need to apply three shades of eyeshadow to your eyes.There are three ways to apply a shade to your eye, lid, and brow.She used a light blue or peach shade on her eyes, sometimes looking like she was barely wearing any eyeshadow at all.You should apply at least one or two coats of mascara to your eyes.Marilyn had long lashes.If you want to have fun, you can use eyelash curlers or fake lashes.Black eyeliner on the top eyelid can help emphasize your eyes.Even though Marilyn didn’t wear eyeliner on her bottom lid, brushing brown eyeshadow below it can emphasize your eyes.

Step 13: Get the Marilyn brows.

Marilyn Monroe’s eyebrows are set very far apart on her face.Her brows are pretty thin, though they are a bit thicker closer to her nose, which falls just above the outsides of both of her eyes.The arch of her eyebrows look like two lines meeting, so use lighter brown eyebrow pencil to fill them in, and use tweezers to get the arch down.If you’re interested in that look, a younger Marilyn had more curved brows.

Step 14: There is a fake beauty mark.

There is a beauty mark above the left end of Marilyn Monroe’s lips.You can use brown eyeliner.You can buy a fake beauty mark, but you should draw it on yourself.Don’t wipe it off and make sure to check your face throughout the day.

Step 15: The Marilyn nail polish is for sale.

Marilyn wore nail polish that matched her red lips.Pick a shade that is as close to the color of your lips as possible, and apply red nail polish to those nails.If you want to rock her look, you can either use fake nails or develop long, smooth nails.

Step 16: It’s a good idea to wear Chanel.5 perfumes.

.She said this was her favorite perfume.She asked what to wear in bed.Why, Chanel.She was said to enjoy both perfumes.

Step 17: Be proud of your figure.

In her day, a curvy Marilyn Monroe wasn’t afraid to own it.She was said to have a bra size of a 36D, though her weight fluctuated between 115 lbs-140 lbs.She would be more of a size 3-6 with today’s sizes.If you want to be proud of your body and your curves, you shouldn’t try to duplicate what she looked like at this size.If you want to stay healthy and happy with your body, you need to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.Dumbbell exercises keep your arms toned.Marilyn would work out using “bust-firming” moves with her dumb-bells.If you want to see what it was like, you can try eating like Marilyn.She would drink a cup of warm milk with 2 raw eggs whipped together in the milk for breakfast and claim to eat steak, beef, or liver with at least 10 raw carrots for dinner.She ate mostly fruit and veggies during the day.She went for hot-fudge sundaes after school.If you can tolerate it, try taking ice-baths.This will firm up your body.Marilyn wrote a song for John F. Kennedy.She took them a lot.She was known for her curves.You can make the illusion of being curvy with your clothes, including padded bras and girdles.A belt cinched in around your waist will give you a sexy shape.

Step 18: Have sex appeal.

The icon known for her extreme sexiness is Marilyn Monroe.If you want to be like Marilyn, you should be playful and sexy.This doesn’t mean you have to wear revealing clothes, but you should show off a little leg or shoulder and not be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got.You don’t put all your eggs in one basket to have sex appeal.You smile, you bat your eyes, and you look down at the floor to show how confident you are.You have to know how sexy you are.Marilyn’s sex appeal is due to her sex goddess aura as well as her innocence.It’s not necessary to be sexy like Marilyn.In movies like The Seven Year Itch, she was a bit of a goofball.Don’t think that you have to be serious all the time.She is silly and sexy at the same time.Work on developing a breathy voice.The voice of Marilyn was very seductive.”Isn’t it wonderful” can be slipped into your daily conversations if you like.

Step 19: Don’t lose your confidence.

To get the Marilyn look, you have to be confident in who you are and how you look.Don’t worry about what other people think about you, even if that means dancing the tango or dating a baseball player.Don’t let gossip or rumors make you feel bad about yourself, the most important thing is that you believe in who you are.Put one foot in front of the other and walk seductively.Body language can show how confident you are.If you’re having a bad day, keep a smile on your face.It is possible to cultivate optimism and a positive energy, just as it did with Marilyn.She tried to stay positive despite the challenges she faced.

Step 20: Don’t allow anyone to stop you.

Marilyn Monroe was raised by a mentally unstable mother and never knew her father.Before she was discovered for her beauty, she worked in a factory spraying airplane parts and inspecting parachutes.She had three tumultuous marriages and many more affairs, but she continued to perform and light up the stage.You have to keep going despite the hardship if you want to rock her attitude.Marilyn wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if she had listened to the people who said she would be better off as a secretary.Know that the sky’s the limit if you adopt her can-do attitude.