How To Look Like Blair Waldorf

If you’re going to a costume party or just want to look like your favorite gossip girl, there are a few simple adjustments you can make.There are fun, elegant dresses in the wardrobe.Allow your hair to hang down and do a minimal amount of makeup.Blair’s appearance in the TV series inspired scarves and hats.You’ll have a look when you’re done changing your style.

Step 1: There is a white button down shirt.

A button-down shirt is the best option for the schoolgirl look.You can play the part of Blair when you wear a skirt.Blair’s shirts are usually form-fitting, so don’t wear anything baggy.Blair usually rolls up the sleeves of her blouse, so get a shirt with longer sleeves that can be cuffed.

Step 2: There is a navy A-line skirt.

Blair always wears a navy A-line skirt when she’s at school.Tuck your shirt in if you invest in a similar skirt.The vibe will be similar to the Gossip Girl franchise.Blair’s look should be a little different if you dislike navy.The same basic vibe should be given off by a dark brown or black skirt.That would be great if you could find a chuck.

Step 3: You can wear a dress for a formal look.

Blair isn’t always at school.She likes long dresses when she’s out on the town.Blair’s dresses are usually feminine and come in bright colors, floral patterns and are embellished with bows, sequins, and ruffles.For example, opt for a floral sundress.

Step 4: For a very formal look, wear a red gown.

A red gown is the best option for a fancy prom look.Blair and Chuck met in Paris in an elegant red dress.The skirt of the dress is feathery and has a ballroom feel.If you can find a strapless dress, you should.

Step 5: To problem areas, apply foundation and concealer.

Blair has a more natural makeup look, so there’s no need to use a lot of makeup.Stick to the basics.A light layer of foundation and concealer can be used to cover flaws.To blend your makeup into your skin tone, use a brush.

Step 6: Put your eyebrows in.

Make sure your eyebrows are the same as Blair’s.There are gaps in your brows and you can fill them with a brow brush.When filling in your brows, use a shade slightly lighter than their natural color.

Step 7: White eyeliner and eyeshadow are used.

Blair was known for her lighter eye makeup.Just below your upper brow, apply pale eyeshadow.White eyeliner is smudged along your upper lashes.To smooth the eyeliner on your lid, use your fingers.

Step 8: Add brown and pink eyeshadow.

Blair’s eye makeup was light and feminine, so a touch of pink and brown is all you need for eyeshadow.Start by dusting a pale pink shade across your lids with an eyeshadow brush.You should apply a soft brown to your crease.To blend out the eyeshadow, use a larger eyeshadow brush.

Step 9: There is one layer of mascara.

Blair didn’t wear a lot of makeup.Put one coat of mascara on each eye.This will bring out your lashes without being overwhelming.If you want to apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes, you can use either brown or black.

Step 10: There is a light amount of lipstick.

It’s a good idea to apply a light shade of lipstick.You don’t have to apply a lot of lipstick.It’s a good idea to add a light amount of color to your lip.

Step 11: Don’t let your hair hang down.

Blair didn’t wear her hair up.If you want to give off a Blair Waldorf vibe, let your hair hang down.Allow your hair to fall down naturally by brushing it out in the morning.Light waves can be created by using a curling iron or wand.

Step 12: There is a headband.

Blair was famous for her headbands.The headband should be placed an inch away from your head.If you have bangs, keep them in front of the headband and swept to one side.Pick headbands with bows and polkadot patterns.

Step 13: There is a bow-tie.

Add a bow tie to your button-down if you are doing the school girl look.The Blair Waldorf look will be emphasized by this part of the uniforms worn on Gossip Girl.It’s great if you’re going to a costume party as Blair Waldorf.

Step 14: Wear high socks.

The Blair Waldorf look included knee-high socks.To emphasize the school girl look, pick a pair of knee-high socks.

Step 15: The white shoe is a good choice.

White shoes are important if you’re going schoolgirl.These were worn during school.If you’re wearing a white button-down and skirt, wear a pair of white loafers.

Step 16: Add a hat.

Blair was known for his hats.Adding a colorful, patterned hat to your outfit will make you look like Blair.This will add a touch of Blair’s style to your look.If you can find hats with patterns like polkadots, Blair was a big fan of them.Blair preferred knit hats and berets throughout the series.Blair wore hats and hairpieces.

Step 17: Wear pumps.

Blair always wore pumps.If you’re going to a formal event, wear a pair of pumps with your dress.