How To Learn Marshallese

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has a language called Marshallese.It is spoken by Marshallese communities in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Washington.The satisfaction you will feel after having your first proper conversation with a Marshallese-speaker will make learning a new language worthwhile.Here are some ideas on how to have fun while learning to speak Marshallese.

Step 1: The Marshallese alphabet can be learned.

The Marshallese alphabet is almost identical to Spanish or English in terms of some of the letters used, but the pronunciation of each letter is vastly different.Learning how to correctly pronounce the letters of the alphabet is a difficult skill for English speakers of Marshallese to learn.Learning how to pronounce entire words and phrases will be a lot easier if you can say all of the individual letters.The letters are called what they are.Some of the letters have a bar on top or a dot underneath.The sound of these letters is different for non-native speakers than it is for native speakers.Like ‘L’ but with the toungue touching the ridge behind the teeth, a B b d e is a.

Step 2: You can learn to say words.

If you learn to pronunce the letters of the Marshallese alphabet, you will be able to spell any word you see in the online dictionary.

Step 3: To count, learn to count.

Knowing how to count is important in any language.Learning to count in Marshallese is easy.The numbers one through ten are listed.

Step 4: Simple vocabulary can be memorised.

It is easier to speak a language if you have a lot of vocabulary.You’ll be surprised at how quickly they build up if youFamiliarize yourself with as many simple, everyday Marshallese words as possible.One of the easiest ways to do this is to use words that are similar in meaning but have different spelling and pronunciation in both languages.If you want to quickly increase your vocabulary, you must be careful since the pronunciation of these words may be different in Marshallese and it can be hard to pick them out in a sentence.When you hear a word in English, think about how you would say it in Marshallese.Look it up later if you don’t know what it is.It’s a good idea to keep a notebook on you at all times.Attach Marshallese labels to items around your house, such as the mirror, coffee table, and sugar bowl.You’ll be able to learn the words without realizing it.It is important to learn a word or phrase from Marshallese to English in order to remember how to say it.

Step 5: Some basic phrases can be learned.

You will be able to interact with Marshallese-speakers on a simple level if you learn the basics of polite conversation.Make a point of learning between five and ten Marshallese phrases each day by writing them down in a notebook.Here are a few to get you started.Thank you!What is your name?How are you?Good.See you later!Is that what it is?

Step 6: Peter Rudiak-Gould wrote Practical Marshallese.

The book was written for the WorldTeach Marshall islands program.Anyone can receive it in any form.Marshallese is introduced to the beginner.There are 102 two-page lessons, each with a main grammar point and a vocabulary section.Marshallese dialogues, general tips, and pronunciation practice can be found in many of the lessons.A manageable chunk of new material can be learned in one sitting.

Step 7: The Marshallese-English Online Dictionary can be used to find words you don’t know.

The standard for spelling in Marshallese can be found in theMarshallese-English Online Dictionary.It also includes example sentences that show how words are used in a sentence.

Step 8: You can learn to use the Naan Dictionary.

The smaller dictionary is more suited for beginners.It can be downloaded and printed.The advantage of this dictionary is that it comes with spelling variations, which can help you find words, as they are spelled by many Marshallese.You can use it on the computer.

Step 9: Basic Marshallese vocabulary can be practiced with Memrise.

People use the platform to make language-learning courses.There are courses for learning and practicing Marshallese.

Step 10: has an example dictionary. is an online example dictionary that shows example sentences.This is the best thing since it doesn’t support Marshallese yet.To show how specific words have been translated in the past by human translators, it’s purpose is not to provide translations of sentences.