How To Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

If you are worried that your girlfriend is cheating, you will be hurting and frustrated.There are ways to tell if your girlfriend is cheating.If she’s being secretive, pulling away from you, and improving her looks, watch her behavior.You can look for changes in your relationship.Talk to her if you suspect she is cheating.She could still be innocent if she showed multiple signs of cheating.

Step 1: You can listen to complaints about your relationship.

They don’t have to feel guilty when someone is cheating because they start blaming the other person.If your girlfriend complains about how you aren’t being a good partner, notice.She may be trying to blame you for her cheating.She might say things like, “You never listen to me!” or “I see you talking to other girls all the time.”

Step 2: Ask about the sudden changes in her schedule.

She will need time to spend with her new partner if she is cheating.If she is working late often or has little time for you, notice.She might be spending time with someone else.She might say she is working late even though she has never done that before.She might be traveling for work despite not getting a raise.She should not be assumed to be cheating just because her schedule changes.If she wants a promotion, she might work more hours or take up a new hobby.She can do new things.

Step 3: Look for a change in your relationship.

She may lose interest in being intimate with you if she is cheating.Dramatic changes can be seen in how often you kiss, touch, and have sex.This could be a sign that she is cheating.She might not want to be intimate with you as often.She might pull away if you show no interest in sex or kiss her.She may want sex more often now that she is more affectionate.She may show off some new moves.

Step 4: She might be unwilling to open up to you.

Couples talk about their problems and their goals for the future.If your girlfriend is talking to a new partner or feels distant from you, she might not want to open up to you.She might be talking to you less.If she will open up, ask her questions about what is going on in her life.You could ask, “How has work been lately?” or “Are you excited about the upcoming holidays?”What is on your mind?

Step 5: She might be hiding her phone or computer.

She uses her phone and computer around you.She might try to hide the screen when she uses her device.If you come near her while she is on her device, she will be upset.This could be a sign that she is cheating.She will communicate with her new partner using her electronic devices if she is cheating.She will be upset if she sees them, because she wants to keep these communications secret.It is normal for your girlfriend to want to keep her phone private, so don’t assume that she is cheating just because she does not want you to see it.If you share a device with your girlfriend, you may notice that she’s deleted messages a lot.This could be a sign of cheating.

Step 6: She is paying more attention to her appearance.

It is possible that your girlfriend just wants to look her best.Changes in her appearance could be a sign that she is cheating.She might be buying new clothes or working out more.Look for changes to her hair and makeup routine.She could lose weight at the gym or buy a new wardrobe.She might be doing this for herself.Don’t assume that your girlfriend is cheating because she wants to look her best.

Step 7: Public displays of affection are used to see if she avoids them.

If your girlfriend is cheating, she will pull away.She might feel uncomfortable acting like a couple.If she suddenly pulls away when you try to hold her hand, hug her or give her a kiss, notice.It could be a sign that she is cheating.You normally hold hands while walking around in public.She may pull her hand away.She might turn away if you kiss her on the cheek or step back when you hug her.Don’t worry, if you’ve never been a couple that engages in PDA, this is not a problem.

Step 8: When you talk to her, watch for closed body language.

It is possible that closed body language is a sign of guilt over cheating or anger in your relationship.When you’re talking to her, look for closed body language to see if she’s feeling guilt or anger.Look for avoiding eye contact, folding her arms over her chest, and turning away from you.

Step 9: When your girlfriend isn’t available, check for periods of time.

If she is with someone else, she won’t answer your calls or texts.She may be vague about where she is.If you suddenly have trouble getting in touch with your girlfriend or if she disappears for a long period of time, consider.It could be that she is cheating.She might disappear on Friday night with no explanation.If she has recently gone through life changes, consider if she is cheating.If your girlfriend is working full-time and recently started attending school, she might be very busy.

Step 10: She might talk about a new friend.

Sometimes a new friend can be a romantic partner for your girlfriend.She talks about a new person and how much time she spends with them.It is possible that she is cheating with them if she can’t stop talking about them.She might say, “Alex is so creative!”It is important to trust your girlfriend and keep in mind that it is healthy for her to have friends.Every new friend is not a threat to your relationship.She should be open with you about the relationship if she is just a friend.She should tell that person about you.

Step 11: You should tell your girlfriend about your suspicions.

The only way to know if your girlfriend is cheating is to talk to her.You care about your relationship and are worried about it.Say that you suspect that she might be cheating.You could say, “I really love you and want to have a future together.”I was worried that our relationship might be changing.You are spending more time on your appearance, you aren’t as affectionate, and you disappear for hours at a time.I am worried that you are cheating.

Step 12: When you confront her about cheating, expect her to be upset.

She will get upset if you mention the topic of cheating.Tell her that you want to help your relationship and deserve the truth.Give her a chance to explain.You could say, “I see that you’re upset, and that’s not my intention.”I want to make things better for us, but I need to know the truth.

Step 13: Listen to it.

Give her a chance to explain the reason for her behavior.Don’t interrupt her while she’s talking and encourage her to say what she needs to.Requote what she said so she knows you’re listening.If she is cheating, you might want to break up with her.You have a chance to make the best decision if you listen to her side.

Step 14: There are signs that she may be lying.

There are a few signs you can look for when someone is lying.Think about how she behaves in a conversation with you.When you ask her about cheating, look for differences in the way she talks to you.Her body language suddenly changes when you ask her about cheating.She is pulling away.Her sentence structure changes as well.She broke her eye contact.Her expression changes.She bites her lip or sweats.She talks faster or slower.

Step 15: Do you want to continue the relationship?

Whether or not she admits to cheating, you need to figure out if this relationship is best for you.Think about whether or not you can trust her, because you deserve to feel secure in your relationship.Decide if you want to work on the relationship or end it.If she admits to cheating, ask yourself if you can get over it.It might be best to move on if it is not.Ask your girlfriend to work with you.It might be worth trying to make things work if she is interested in saving your relationship.