How To Know if You Are an Empath

If you’ve been looking for this page for a while and you know that this article describes you, then you are an Empath.Empaths feel other people’s feelings, health, concerns and most often have a second, third or more type of telepathy.Determine your potential as an Empath by reading below.You are most likely an Empath if half of the statements feel like you.If most of these sound similar to you, then you are an Empath.Do you?

Step 1: Don’t try to read people’s feelings.

Empaths know what a person is feeling even if they don’t look like it.He or she may be smiling, but they are anxious or depressed.

Step 2: People are looking for help.

Empaths are drawn to help them.While grocery shopping, people you have never met before may open up their deepest secrets to you.

Step 3: There is a desire for alone time.

Empaths need time alone.There is a need to avoid getting overwhelmed by emotional information from others.

Step 4: Knowing when it’s needed is important.

As children, empaths have this trait.You all too often answered adults in conversation with the correct answer.You didn’t need to study in school if you knew the answers.

Step 5: Feelings of strong emotional impact everywhere.

When walking down the street, empaths feel emotions.Is it possible to know when someone is in crisis with their health or emotions?Do you have a sense of what is wrong?

Step 6: Feelings of emotional impacts from animals as well.

Empaths take in signals from both people and animals.Have you ever seen a dog or cat depressed?Is it joyous?Is it nervous?Is it possible for you to help calm or alleviate depression in a pet?

Step 7: Were you startled by sudden and intense feelings, and knew they were not yours?

Step 8: Are you feeling sad in the world?

Can you feel the emotional response from the mass of people if there is a catastrophe?Do you want to see them?

Step 9: Knowing who is calling without being near a phone.

Someone reaching out can be felt by empaths.You can tell others who is calling them and not think it’s unusual.

Step 10: Time can be spent with plants, sunshine or moonlight.

Does this help you to be calm?

Step 11: When needed, avoid large groups of people.

Empaths sense a lot of emotional information.It is overwhelming.

Step 12: Television is upsetting and not informative, so don’t use it for news.

The broadcasters seem to have no emotional ties to what is happening in our world.

Step 13: The Empath has an addictive personality.

Substances and routines are what empaths crave.Empaths often use mind-altering substances.These can affect your ability to empathise.Being Empaths aren’t all the same.Empaths sometimes wish they were not.Being an empath can make life more difficult.Drugs or alcohol can help reduce the overwhelming thoughts and feelings of others.

Step 14: Don’t deny that you are different.

The truth of what sets you apart won’t always be appreciated.It may feel like a curse at times.It is a gift.

Step 15: When you sense hostility, avoid danger or warn others.

Hostility is an emotional mass for an Empath.It can be avoided or sidestepped if one knows that it means hostility or danger.If others don’t know you’re an Empath, it’s easy to suggest taking one hallway, road or path instead of another.

Step 16: It saves time and energy if you know if someone is telling the truth or not.

There is no confusion or frustration in many aspects of life because of this knowledge.

Step 17: Empaths are good caretakers of the earth.

The earth and all living things are very important to most Empaths.

Step 18: Helping others using both a professional skill and Empathic ability is a calling for many empaths.

For clients, this ability paves the way for trust, feeling safe and supported, and having someone value you for who you are.It feels like having a bucket of water thrown in your face if you get angry at an empath.An inexperienced empath is likely to be upset and wonder what’s going on.An empath might respond more quickly.You won’t understand how offended the other person is.It is not up to you alone to help others and be a good custodian of our world.Don’t allow yourself to be taken hostage emotionally.