How To Know if a Kitten Is Old Enough to Neuter or Spay

If you decide to adopt a kitten, you will have to decide when to suck it up.If your kitten is too young to be neutered, it can affect the cat.Some of the benefits of spaying or neutering can be missed if you don’t do it sooner.In order to figure out if your kitten is old enough to be neutered or spaying, you need to know the kitten’s age, when the suggested age is, and when your vet suggests the surgery.If you have this information, you can get your kitten neutered at the right time.

Step 1: Wait for your kitten to be several months old.

Some people disagree about when cats should be fixed.When the cat is two months old, experts suggest getting a kitten neutered.Cats need more time to develop before their sex organs are removed, so spaying and neutering should occur closer to when the cat is four months old, according to others.Spaying and neutering is encouraged in an effort to limit pet populations.Many veterinarians agree that spaying or neutering your kitten a bit early is better than putting it at risk of starting its reproductive cycle and getting impregnated accidentally.

Step 2: Before the first estrus, have a female kitten neutered.

You shouldn’t wait until a cat has its first estrus before getting it neutered.She can help her health in the future by doing it before her first cycle.Having your kitten fixed before her first estrus reduces the risk of mammary tumors in the future.

Step 3: You should consult with your doctor.

Your vet will know when your kitten is ready to be neutered.Discuss with the vet when the surgery should take place and why he thinks your kitten is ready.You can ask the vet any questions about the surgery.If you don’t get enough information, you will be at risk in your decision to have your cat neutered.

Step 4: Consider how your kitten will benefit.

There are a number of health benefits to having your kitten neutered.It is possible to get your kitten fixed despite the difficulty of surgery.Spaying cats will not suffer from cancer or infections later in life.

Step 5: Consider the benefits of your household.

The cat can be affected by getting a kitten neutered.It can have a positive impact on your family.Spaying and neutering your kitten will eliminate the chance of you having to deal with a litter of additional kittens, as well as eliminating the chances of an accidental pregnancy.Cats with matted fur are less likely to fight.In a multi-cat household, female cats that are neutered are more likely to get along and male cats are less aggressive and territorial.Male cats are less likely to spray in your home to mark their territory.

Step 6: Consider the benefits of society.

It’s a good idea to stop your kitten from reproducing in the future.Fewer cats can be produced overall if they are not capable of reproduction.If you are debating whether or not to have your kitten fixed, remember that any kittens you have in the future will take homes away from cats that live in shelters and that don’t have families.The cats are put down due to a lack of space and resources.

Step 7: You should weigh your kitten.

If you want to have your kitten snouted or neutered when it is two months old, look for signs that it’s that age.A kitten that is two months old should weigh two pounds if it has had proper nutrition and care.The weight that your kitten needs to get desexing surgery is two pounds.The kitten may not survive the surgery if it is lighter than that.

Step 8: Physical clues about age can be found.

If you don’t know how old your kitten is, you can estimate its age by looking at its physical characteristics.Newborn kittens have closed eyes and ears.The clues show that you have a kitten that is a few weeks old.It is between one and three months old if your kitten has open eyes and tiny baby teeth.A cat that is getting, or already has, its adult teeth is at least four months old.

Step 9: Determine your kitten’s development.

A two month old kitten should be out of its mother’s sight.It is probably not two months old if your kitten is still nursing.The kitten is probably between one and two and a half months old if you notice the mother trying to wean it.Two months old kittens are working on their paw and eye coordination.If a kitten is playing with toys and getting more daring, it is probably at least two months old.