How To Kill Fleas With Dawn Dishsoap

Fleas can grow quickly if they’re not treated.Since the price for store-bought flea treatments is high, you can use Dawn dish soap to get rid of them.You can give your pet a bath with the dish soap.If your pet hates baths, you can use a spray bottle and dish soap to kill fleas cheaply and easily.

Step 1: The bathtub should be filled with warm water around 70 F.

It will be warm enough to keep your pet comfortable.Make sure the water only comes up to your pet’s stomach by filling the bathtub.If the bottom of your pet’s belly is less than a foot off the ground, you should fill the tub with water.If you want to wash a ferret, fill a large bucket with warm water instead of a bathtub.

Step 2: All of your pet’s fur should be wet by soaking it in the bath.

It is a good idea to avoid getting water in your pet’s eyes or ears.Before proceeding, make sure the fur is completely soaked.Pets with thick fur will need more water to get completely soaked.

Step 3: Put the soap on your pet’s fur.

The amount of soap you use depends on a number of factors.Start with a small amount of dish soap and add more as needed.Work your way down towards the tail by applying the soap at the neck.Don’t put soap in your pet’s eyes or ears.Make sure you scrub deep enough to get to the skin where the fleas hide.You’re scrubbing too much if the pet cries.If your pet has a thick coat, use a pet brush to get soap into its fur.

Step 4: Wait 5 minutes, then wash your pet’s fur with soap.

Allow 5 minutes for the dish soap to kill the fleas.To wash the soap off, use a cup of water or a handheld shower head.Work your way down towards the tail from the top of your pet’s body.Use a flea comb to brush your pet’s fur as you rinse off the soap to make sure you remove as many fleas as possible.In order to rinse off all of the dish soap, you may need to spray a lot of water in a single area.Don’t wash around the eyes.If there is contact with the eyes, rinse them and dry them with a towel.

Step 5: You can dry off your pet with a towel.

If you see live fleas in your pet’s fur, drain the water from the tub.Rub your pet with a towel.It is safer to use a towel to dry your pet than a hair dryer.If you missed any fleas during the bath, you should run a flea comb over your pet’s fur.A cat will run away from you immediately after this experience.As you dry it off, be careful.

Step 6: If you still see fleas on your pet, repeat this process.

It’s possible that some fleas escaped from your initial washing or that they survived exposure to the dish soap.Fleas will run to the head and face to hide.It is likely that you will have to add detergent to your pet’s head on their second washing.Depending on the severity of the flea problem, you may need to wash your pet more often.If you notice more fleas within a couple of days after bathing, you can use a flea medication to get rid of them.If you want to apply a flea solution to your pet, you can apply Frontline Plus.To make sure your home is free of fleas and flea eggs, you should vacuum your flooring and upholstery at least once a day.

Step 7: The spray bottle should be filled with water around 70 F.

The temperature will help keep your pet safe.If you don’t have a thermometer, aim to use water that is around room temperature to keep your pet comfortable.For cats, rabbits, or any other animals that don’t like baths, this method is useful.If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can mix warm water with some dish soap and use a flea comb dipped in this mixture to keep your pet’s fleas.This will not be as effective as using a spray bottle to apply the mix.

Step 8: Use a spray bottle to get your pet’s fur wet.

You can either wrap your pet in a towel or gently hold it down.You should be very gentle when holding your pet down.Before moving on to the next step, make sure your pet’s fur is completely soaked through.It is advisable to avoid getting water in your pet’s eyes or ears.

Step 9: Rub the dish soap into your pet’s fur.

If you want to add more soap, use around 2 to 3 times the amount.Work your way down towards the tail by applying the soap at the neck.If you want the soap to reach your pet’s skin, rub it deep into the fur.It is important that the dish soap reaches all the way down to your pet’s skin to kill the fleas.If your pet has thick fur, you may need to apply a bit more dish soap to make sure you reach down to the skin.

Step 10: Wait 5 minutes, then use the spray bottle to wash your pet’s fur.

Work your way down toward the tail from the top of your pet’s body.Use a flea comb to brush your furry friend’s hair as you rinse off the soap to make sure you remove as many fleas as possible.It is possible to get all the soap off by spraying a lot of water on a single area.

Step 11: Dry off your pet with a towel.

If it is a cat, your pet may be tense after this process.After you release it, it may run away from you.As you release your pet, be careful to avoid being injured or scratched.When the food gets put out, your furry friend will be back to normal.