How To Keep Crickets Alive

Crickets can get sick and die if you don’t properly house and care for them.If you follow the right steps, you can make a healthy environment.If you want to keep your crickets, you need a large tank or habitat.You will have to provide an adequate water source to keep them healthy.Your crickets can live to be 10 weeks old if you do everything correctly.

Step 1: You can get a tank that’s 1 US gal per 100 crickets.

Crickets thrive in larger environments so get the largest tank you can find to house them.Make sure the tank you get has adequate air flow on the roof.Crickets cannot jump out of the tank.You can get a tank made of plastic or glass.

Step 2: The tank should be cleaned with a bleach solution.

Make sure the crickets are clean before you put them in the tank.The bleach should be mixed with cold water.You can use a rag to wipe the inside of the tank.Before housing your crickets, make sure the tank is dry.If your crickets are sick, you need to make sure your tank is clean.The crickets could be harmed by other chemical cleaners.

Step 3: Crickets have shelter if you add torn-up egg crates to the tank.

Get some cardboard egg crates and destroy them.To create a habitat for the crickets, place the pieces on the bottom of the tank.The space they need to thrive will be given by this.Crickets may fight each other for space if they don’t have the proper habitat.

Step 4: The cricket tank needs to be kept between 75 and 90 F.

The crickets should be kept in a dark area that has a steady temperature.Crickets will die if the temperature in the tank is too cold.The lifespan of crickets will be shortened if the temperature is too hot.

Step 5: The tank should be cleaned twice a month.

Place the crickets in a box with breathing holes.Make sure to remove dead crickets and feces from the bottom of the tank.To clean the inside of the tank, use a rag and a bleach solution.Crickets can get sick from dead and feces.

Step 6: You should transfer new crickets to their habitat when you get home.

Crickets don’t do well in small spaces.Crickets may die if they are kept in their carrying box for too long.As soon as you get home, transfer them to a clean tank.Make sure the air holes in the box are big enough to hold the crickets.

Step 7: You can feed your crickets oatmeal, cornmeal, or cricket food.

The food should be put in a dish in the tank.Your crickets will feed off this food for a regular source of sustenance.

Step 8: A piece of fruit or a damp sponge can be used as a water source.

Crickets can drown in a small amount of water.It is best to provide water from a sponge or a piece of fruit.Crickets can suck out the water from the fruit.

Step 9: Food and water should be in the tank at all times.

Your crickets should always have a food and water source in the tank.If you keep the food fresh, throw it out and fill it up once a week.If you use fruit, make sure that you replace the fruit every day so that it doesn’t rot.Crickets don’t like to be overfed.