How To Keep Calm when You Are Annoyed With Someone

Sometimes you will find yourself annoyed with someone, not so much angry as annoyed and bugged.It could be due to their constant gossiping.Maybe they keep doing things to bring misfortune upon themselves despite your advice.Maybe it’s hanging around you too much and not giving you enough space.Staying annoyed with this person will only harm both of you, so keep your calm and work out a way forward.Here are some ways to stay calm and control your temper.

Step 1: You are losing your temper with this person.

This is important if you want to let out your annoyance or feel justified in being annoyed.

Step 2: Slow down and breathe deeply.

To calm down your nervous system and to buy yourself some thinking space, keep your cool by breathing deeply and slowly.Try inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 2, exhaling for 8 and repeating.This will calm you down.

Step 3: You should count to 10 in your head.

This gives you time to think about what you’ll say next.

Step 4: Be short and polite.

You can excuse yourself from the situation if you say something neutral.Keep calm as you walk away from the person.Don’t be afraid to be the stronger person if things get out of hand.It will be easier for both of you to let the other person calm down and talk later.

Step 5: If you find a pillow, punch it a few dozen times.

This can help you to get over your annoyance.This step is optional, as not everyone finds this kind of physical release useful.

Step 6: Don’t forget to keep a diary.

This will allow you to write down your thoughts and solutions.Write it out.

Step 7: It’s time to let it go.

It’s easier to let things go.Don’t get upset if someone said they would do something for you but forgot.Ask them if they can remember to do it at a later time and send them a text to remind them.It’s not worth the hassle if you focus on the fact that they forgot, forgive them and move on.

Step 8: Don’t forget the past.

If someone has done something to annoy you, don’t tell them what they should have done.Say it’s ok for now, but could they please do it differently in the future?Keep calm.If you’re texting or messaging with this person, avoid using all capitals and focus on your punctuation.This will help calm the other person down if they are reacting like this.

Step 9: Being frustrated and annoyed with other people can cause anxiety and tension.

In the long run, the inability to relax and find a place of calm leaves you constantly on edge.For the sake of your own health, rely on your inner calm to deal with future annoying situations and people.

Step 10: It’s time to let go of the need to have everything perfect.

You are probably going to get annoyed if you have a need to control or perfect situations.When things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, you will feel less annoyed.Go out of autopilot.It’s easy to become annoyed when you approach the world with a set of expectations, instead of being flexible and aware of the moment.You are not prepared for interacting with other people in this situation because you are following a script of how the world should be rather than how it actually is.You can teach yourself to be more aware of the world around you and less determined to shape it to your preferences.

Step 11: Use your mind to remain calm.

The small things will be put into perspective by this.It can help you to accept that people are going to do things that aren’t in agreement with what you’d like done or said.It is possible to respond toannoyances rather than react to deviations in your preferences.You can see what is happening without being judgmental.You can sort out whether or not there is something worth being annoyed about.You can focus on finding a mutually agreeable solution even if there is a lot of frustration.Practice takes practice.It is a whole way of being, of thinking and of approaching the world.You can find further information on how to be aware and be happy.It is possible to access self- and other-compassion.This is important for effective treatment of annoyance.