How To Join the Tea Party

The Tea Party supports limited government.Determine whether the movement is the right fit for you by studying it.You can join the Tea Party if you become more involved in local, state, and national groups.

Step 1: The Tea Party is not a formal organization.

The Tea Party is not a political party.It is described as a movement.There isn’t a single national group for you to join.It is easy to join the Tea Party if you agree with the movement’s core principles.If you want to be involved in events and actions related to the Tea Party, you will need to make more of an effort.

Step 2: The Tea Party has a history.

The Tea Party movement started in 2009.The movement has had an impact on political discourse in the United States.While speaking on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Rick Santelli referred to the Boston Tea Party in response to President Obama’s mortgage relief plan.The tea party movement spread across the nation as others advocated for free market principles and limited taxation powers.Within a few weeks, Tea Party chapters appeared online and in the real world.The first major Tea Party action to gain publicity was a series of rallies held across the nation on April 15, 2009, expressing discontent about excessive taxes.The Boston Tea Party of 1773 is referred to as an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already” by some.

Step 3: You should be familiar with the Tea Party’s core values.

Tea Party members share a few basic values, even though the movement is not a political party.You are already part of the Tea Party if you share these values.The Tea Party does not agree with excessive taxation and government involvement in the private sector.Common core values include the belief in a constitutionally limited government, the demand for fiscal responsibility within the government and the promotion of the free market economy.The powers of the federal government are limited by the U.S. Constitution.Government involvement on issues other than healthcare and marriage laws is protested against.There are demands regarding the way the government uses taxpayer money.The Tea Party believes that the free market is the best way to provide opportunity and success for families in the U.S.Tea Party groups support tighter immigration controls.This is an issue that is associated with the movement, but it is not defined in any of the core values.

Step 4: The Tea Party has symbols.

Knowing which symbols are used by members of the Tea Party movement can help you identify others who are part of it.Being able to identify a Tea Party member can help you find ways to get involved with the movement’s causes.The “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is the most well-known symbol associated with the movement.A yellow background has a coiled snake on it.The Second Revolution flag looks like a standard American flag with the exception of the blue field in the upper left corner.There are 13 stars in a circle with the roman number two in the center.

Step 5: Tea Party websites are popular.

The Tea Party does not have an official website.You can subscribe to several popular websites run by groups within the Tea Party.You can use the resources these websites offer even if you don’t subscribe.There are a few Tea Party websites worth checking out.

Step 6: There are Tea Party groups in your area.

You can get involved by looking for the nearest group and inquiring about membership.Some groups may ask you to become a member in order to get you involved in the event, while others may simply ask for you not to sign up.There are many ways to find a local Tea Party chapter.There are Tea Party groups in your area.If you live in the Chicago area, your search terms may include “Tea Party Chicago”.You can find sections on national Tea Party websites.Bulletins about Tea Party groups or contacts can be found in the library or town hall.You can start your own Tea Party group if you can’t find one in your area.It is easy to start your own with the help and resources of a national group.If there are any local regulations regarding the formation of such groups, you should talk to your city hall.Encourage people to join your group by starting a website and social media pages.Encourage people who share your beliefs to join and tell their friends about it.

Step 7: Tea Party values should be supported by candidates who vote for them.

Tea Party members can vote for candidates who pledge to uphold the movement’s values and core principles in order to have a voice in the political process.Make your voice heard on Election Day by researching and supporting the right candidates.You need to register to vote in your state.It’s a good idea to register several months before an election to make sure you’re eligible to vote.Most Tea Party candidates run as Republicans, Libertarians, or other Independents.It is a fairly accurate starting point, but it is not always true.

Step 8: Help out with Tea Party petitions.

The spreading of petitions is a major activity within the movement.Once enough signatures are obtained, the petitions are sent to the local, state, and federal levels of government.Signing your name to a petition and spreading the word to friends and family is minimal involvement.Tea Party leaders in your area can give you information about taking the petition door to door or spreading the word more widely.

Step 9: Attend the tea party.

Town hall meetings, rallies, and other events can address anything from the local to federal levels.Look to local and national Tea Party groups to find out about upcoming events.Town hall meetings with guest speakers or current representatives can be simple events at the local level.There are groups that sponsor bus tours in support of Tea Party candidates.Some rallies require you to travel to Washington D.C. while others only require your support.You may only have to travel as far as your state’s capital.

Step 10: Keep them informed.

One of the most important things you can do as an individual is to keep those around you informed about what’s going on with the government and the nation.Encourage like-minded people to get more involved in the political process and engage those who disagree with you.

Step 11: Stand strong.

The more involved you get, the harsher the criticism will be.It’s important to be principled during those times.Remember the reasons you wanted to join the Tea Party in the first place, and hold onto those beliefs to keep yourself motivated.