How To It’s a good idea to protect yourself from a serial killer.

A serial killer is an unusual predator.They tend to target victims when they are alone and vulnerable.Criminals use a variety of methods to identify and capture potential victims.You have less chance of being a victim of a serial killer than you have of winning a lottery.General safety guidelines are the best way to avoid being a victim.

Step 1: Always be aware of your surroundings.

Pay attention to where exits are located, objects and visual obstructions near you, and the people in your immediate area.If you need to seek a crowd, know where the nearest populated environment is to your current location.You should know where the nearest police or fire station is.It is not a good idea to mistake familiarity for security.Do not assume that a parking lot is also a safe place at night, even if you drive through or stop in during the day.

Step 2: At night, travel with someone.

It is better to be with someone you know than alone, even if you are walking down the street, driving around an unfamiliar place, or jogging in a park.Tell someone in your family or housemates where you are going.If you live alone, send a text to a friend or family member to let them know where you are and when you will hear from them.

Step 3: Act with purpose.

Look ahead, like you know where you’re going.Don’t look lost or unsure of where you’re going.Don’t ask people on the street for directions.If you want to ask a member of staff, go inside the shop.In car parks, always park near a lamppost.It will make it easier to remember where you parked and keep your car illuminated at night.

Step 4: You should lock your car doors.

As soon as you get into your car, do this.Before you start driving, avoid sitting in a parking lot fiddling with the radio, checking your phone, or putting on your seatbelt.In urban areas where there are lots of traffic lights and junctions, you should always keep your doors locked.

Step 5: You should lock your doors and windows at home.

Criminals try out door handles and windows in a neighborhood until they find one that is unlocked.Don’t risk it.

Step 6: Be careful of needy strangers.

Some people are more sympathetic than others.These sympathies are often preyed on by killers.If someone tries to stop you for any reason, don’t assume their intentions are sincere.Say no if someone asks for your help.If it sounds like they are limping with a cane, carrying too many packages, or something else, don’t help.In isolated areas, don’t give directions to unknown people.They will either drive to the nearest service station or call someone on their phone if they really need directions.

Step 7: You should trust your gut instinct.

Don’t engage someone if they approach you with creeps.Anyone in your area that makes you feel uncomfortable should be avoided.If you’re in a situation that feels like it might go wrong, get out of it.Don’t get into a lift with a suspicious person.If you wait for the next one, you will be considered rude.If a car parked next to yours looks suspicious, go back inside and ask someone to escort you to the car.A person with a long story with lots of details about how and why they need your help is making their story up.No, sorry, I can’t help you.

Step 8: Don’t let strange people into your home.

Before opening the door, you should call the company and verify that the person is a service person.Anyone can wait until a police car arrives to help them.

Step 9: Don’t give personal information to strangers.

Don’t post where you are or when you will be at on your social media profiles.If you participate in online dating, you should have met the person a few times.Schedule dates with new acquaintances in well-populated public areas.

Step 10: Run away.

The best way to avoid getting hurt is to run away from a suspicious person and towards a busy public area.Escape is the best way to end an attack.If you want to give yourself super speed, don’t rely on adrenaline.If you engage in regular exercise you will be strong enough to run quickly and get away.You should wear shoes whenever you are walking by yourself.Unless you wear your heels to the gym, you won’t be able to run far.Keep a pair of flats with you for walking, or save fashionable footwear for nights out with a group of friends.

Step 11: There is no need to hide.

It’s a good idea to have a safe hiding location inside your home.You should be able to get out if a serial killer comes in one exit.If you want your phone to not vibrate, put it on silent and hold it.

Step 12: Back off!

If you want to keep your voice confident and authoritative, yell as loudly as you can.You might attract their attention if you are close to them.Even if nobody hears you, you have shown your attacker that you are not worth the risk.Sometimes people will avoid getting involved if they think they will get hurt or have to deal with police after an attack is reported.It sounds like you can fight back.Before approaching a potential victim, serial killers make sure there is little risk of being caught.

Step 13: Carry pepper spray and learn how to use it.

If used correctly, pepper spray can be used to deter attackers.Before buying or carrying this device, you should find a class that teaches proper administration and storage.Users accidentally spray themselves when the canister gets lost.You would need to learn to use it correctly to avoid self-injury.

Step 14: A trained instructor will teach you self-defense techniques.

There is a lot of advice on the internet, but it’s not the same as learning it.Self-defense classes teach specific responses for common attacks, and attending classes gives you the chance to practice real world advice.You need to attend classes with a certified instructor to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.Check the websites of your local government and non-profit.Self-defense classes are free in many cities.

Step 15: To counter, use your strongest body parts.

Your head, knees, and elbows are your strongest parts.The one you use depends on your position.If you want to attack the upper body, use your hands or head.You can attack their lower body with your knees or feet.If you can use your legs or knees instead of your arms, you should not step in closer.

Step 16: Aim for their most vulnerable parts.

The eyes, neck, groin, and knee are vulnerable places for an attacker.Use your fingers or thumbs to poke your attacker’s eyes.This will cause a lot of pain and give you time to run away.Use your body weight to push your elbow into your attacker’s neck.If you can’t use your elbow, hold your fingers straight, with your thumb tucked underneath, and hit the side of their neck like a knife strike.If your attacker attempts to grab you from the front, knee or kick them in the groin.Throw your attacker off balance by kicking the side of their knee.

Step 17: If needed, use everyday objects as weapons.

When walking alone at night or in scary areas, carry your keys with you.Throw dirt in your attacker’s eyes if they attack you outside.Use a pen or pencil to stab someone.Keys and writing utensils can be used to stab an attacker.If you feel like you are in danger, use full force.An attempt to hurt someone will fail.Follow through with your intentions once you commit to an action.

Step 18: It is possible to escape grab attacks.

If someone tries to pull you by your wrists, lower your center of gravity, lean towards your attacker, and bend your elbow upwards to free yourself.If someone grabs you from behind, sit down on the ground and use as much force as possible.If you can’t sit, lower your center of gravity and thrust your elbow into their neck or head.