How To It’s a good idea to act around a celebrity.

Meeting a celebrity can be nerve-racking.It can be difficult to act when you meet someone you’ve only seen in the media.It’s important to be respectful when you run into someone famous, even if you’re a fan of a celebrity.

Step 1: Before the event, learn about them.

If you don’t know much about the celebrity, you should attend the meet and greet.You may have won the meet and greet tickets on the radio, but you don’t know much about the celebrity or their work.Information about who they are can be found if this is the case.Listen to their music before the meet and greet so you are prepared, or watch their movies and TV shows.To create a natural conversation, you might find out information about them that you can relate to, such as where they grew up or their love of dogs.

Step 2: It’s a good idea to introduce yourself.

You can tell them a little about yourself.It’s likely that celebrities want to feel like they’re getting to know someone too.When you meet them, make sure to tell them who you are and what you do.For example, “Hello!”I’m Lisa.I am a junior in high school.Since I was 11 years old, I have been a big fan of your music.

Step 3: Take pictures with them.

It is expected that you take photos with the celebrity at a meet and greet.You can request a photo on your phone.They may have photographers at the meet and greet.When you ask for a photo, be polite and confident.It’s a good idea to say, “Can we please take a photo?”

Step 4: They should get their autograph.

You can bring something to autograph if you know you are going to meet a celebrity.They might be overwhelmed if they bring too much stuff.Bring something that is merchandise of theirs, such as a poster or shirt, for them to sign.If they don’t have a pen for autographs, bring a marker or pen with you.Can you sign my poster?

Step 5: Think about the topics ahead of time.

Before you meet the celebrity, think about what you want to talk about.You can tell them how much you enjoy their work.You can ask them questions about how they came up with their ideas or what it was like to play a role.

Step 6: Don’t stress about it.

They may seem divine to you, but remember that they are just another human.Don’t stress about meeting them and treat them like any other person.The celebrity will appreciate it if you treat them the same as everyone else.

Step 7: Give them a gift.

A gift from a fan is appreciated by many celebrities.Don’t get a celebrity something strange like a personal item of yours, but you can get them something thoughtful.Taylor Swift likes gifts from her fans, for instance, she posted a sweater a fan knitted for her.If you are worried that you will get tongue tied when you meet the celebrity, then write them a short note.You can tell them how much of a fan you are, but don’t go too far.

Step 8: Stay calm.

If a celebrity walks past you on the street, stay calm.If you want to draw attention to them, don’t scream their name.You can politely approach them, if it seems appropriate, but don’t freak out so much that everyone else in the area runs after them.

Step 9: Tell them who you are.

You might not have a lot of time to introduce yourself if you run into a celebrity.Make sure to tell the celebrity your name so they know who you are talking to.You can say hello to Kelly.I’m sorry to bother you.I wanted to say hello and let you know that I am a huge fan of your music.

Step 10: Don’t take pictures without their permission.

Taking photos without a celebrity’s permission is disrespectful.If they were followed by people photographing them, most people wouldn’t like it.They get a lot of unauthorized photos from the photographers.If it seems appropriate to approach the celebrity, you can politely ask for a photo.Say something like, “Hello, I’m John!”I like your music.If they say no, respect their wishes.

Step 11: Don’t be disrespectful of their privacy.

You don’t need to tell the world that a celebrity is doing something.It is possible to post on social media, but not every detail about it.You should not call everyone you know and tell them to go to the restaurant they are eating at.Let celebrities have their own lives.

Step 12: Do not touch them.

You might want to run up to the celebrity and hug them, but be respectful of their space.Don’t touch their shoulder if you’re trying to get their attention.If they touch you, you can reciprocate if it seems appropriate.

Step 13: They should be treated like normal people.

People are also celebrities.They do not need to act like they are above everyone else.Be friendly with them.If you act differently around them, you would be different from everyone else.Being treated like a regular person will likely be appreciated by celebrities.You can compliment their work and say you are a fan, but don’t scream and cry when you talk to them.