How To Increase Brown Fat

Fat is the enemy if you want to lose weight.White fat is not the same as brown fat in your body.It is possible that brown fat can help you to lose weight and lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes by burning the white fat stores in your body.Cooling your body down is likely to be the most effective way to increase brown fat.Diet and lifestyle changes can increase brown fat in your body.

Step 1: Discuss your weight loss goals with your doctor.

Talk to your doctor if you want to increase the health benefits of brown fat.They can help you with your diet and exercise plan.They can caution you if your plan is risky if you tell them what it is.You might be referred to a specialist by your doctor.

Step 2: Cool down for a few hours a day.

People have shown an increase in their brown fat when exposed to cold temperatures for 2 hours a day.Brown fat production is stimulated by cold temperatures and this technique can be effective.Try to spend time in an environment that is between 14-19C or 57-66F.Take a walk outside for a while each day if you live in a cool climate.Limit layers if you want your body to cool down.You should stay warm so that you don’t shiver.For two hours a day, sit in an air-conditioned room.

Step 3: The thermostat should be kept low.

If you have an air-conditioner, keep it cool.Your brown fat may be stimulated by living in this environment at home or in your office.If you allow temperature fluctuations in your home, you won’t be living at a comfortable 72 all year.If you want your heat to be low in the winter, keep your air conditioning on.

Step 4: A cooling vest can be used.

Some companies are working to develop vests that will increase brown fat.Being in a cool room doesn’t lower your body temperature as much as wearing a vest.You can buy a cooling vest at some sporting goods stores.

Step 5: Ice packs can be used on your upper body.

Ice packs are placed on your chest and upper back for 30 minutes each day.Cold may be beneficial in stimulating the neck and collarbone area, where most brown fat is located.If you put the ice pack on your skin, wrap it in a towel.Research is still being done to find out if cooling one part of your body will increase brown fat.

Step 6: The bathe is in the cold water.

You can take contrast showers where you alternate between having the water warm and cold.It is possible to sit in an ice bath up to your waist for about 10 minutes three times a week.You can go for a swim in a lake or pool.

Step 7: It’s important to exercise regularly.

irisin is a hormone that increases white fat in your body to act like brown fat if you exercise.It’s not as beneficial as actual brown fat, but it may help with weight loss.Get your heart rate up by jogging, swimming, walking briskly, dancing, or playing a sport.Try to get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day.

Step 8: Work out in a cool place.

You can increase your brown fat activity by exercising in light clothing.The benefits of exercise and keeping your body cool are given by this.The heat should not be turned up to make you sweat more.Your brown fat will be reduced if you are warmer.

Step 9: It is recommended that you sleep at least 8 hours a night.

It is related to sleep because melatonin is released in your brain more when you are in darkness.You should set a schedule for yourself so that you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.Poor sleep can lead to weight gain and stimulating brown fat activity.Pharmacy and drug stores sell melatonin supplements.Discuss melatonin supplements with your doctor.It is possible to create healthy sleep habits such as sleeping in a dark room and going to bed at the same time each night.

Step 10: Ask your doctor if you can change your medication.

Common heart medicines may decrease the amount of brown fat in your body.If you want to lose weight, talk to your doctor about your weight goals, and if it’s possible to switch to a different medication.Don’t stop taking your medication without talking to your doctor.

Step 11: Don’t eat too much or too little.

Eating too few calories and consuming too much can increase your white fat.Dieting can help keep your white fat from turning to brown, but it can also make it harder for brown fat to burn calories.

Step 12: Try to fast intermittently.

If you fast for a couple of days each week, you can eat normally on the other days.Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase brown fat.Try to eat normally for 5 days and then fast for 2 days.

Step 13: Get some iron.

The amount of brown fat in your body may decrease if you don’t have iron-deficiency.Foods rich in iron include poultry, seafood, beans, peas, fortified grains, and dried fruit.Iron deficiency can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, and treated with over-the-counter supplements.If you have diabetes, be sure to regulate your blood sugar levels.It’s important to have proper amounts of thyroid hormone, so be sure to talk to your doctor.

Step 14: Plant oils are better for cooking than animal fats.

Your brown fat may be reduced by a high fat diet.A diet rich in whole grains and low in animal fats is good for you.Some research shows that certain foods have potential, but there is no proof that they increase brown fat.It’s a good idea to cook with coconut or olive oil instead of butter.Red meat is eaten instead of fish and poultry.Fast food, processed and frozen foods can be avoided.Including whole grains and beans and peas in your diet.

Step 15: Don’t forget to have an apple a day.

There is a chemical in apples that may increase brown fat stores.Before or after working out, eat unpeeled apples several times per week.Other foods with ursolic acid include dark fruits.The herbs are oregano, thyme, lavender, holy basil, peppermint, periwinkle, and hawthorn.The bitter melon may be beneficial.

Step 16: Eat more garlic.

Studies have shown that garlic increases the amount of an uncoupling protein found in brown tissue.When you cook meals, use fresh garlic and olive oil.

Step 17: Drink green tea.

Green tea can be enjoyed at least a few times a week.Epigallocatechin gallate is found in green tea and contributes to fat burning.Adding milk or cream to your tea won’t hurt the white fat burning effects.

Step 18: It’s a good idea to eat spicy peppers.

Brown fat may be activated by the capsaicin found in red peppers.This is still being studied.It is possible to include spicy peppers like cayenne, red chili peppers, and habanero.habaneros are very spicy.

Step 19: It’s a good idea to add turmeric to your meals.

The brown fat may be activated by the spices curcumin.It has been used for its health benefits.It may show promise in slowing cancer growth.

Step 20: Consider taking a supplement.

Purchase Resveratrol from your pharmacy or drug store.Your brown fat stores may be increased by this compound.Discuss using supplements with your doctor.