How To Impress Your Husband in Bed

Whether you’ve been married for 20 days or 20 years, there are always new and exciting ways to impress your husband.Try new positions, toys, or places to improve your sex life.All it takes is a little foreplay.No matter what you do, make sure your husband is happy and willing to try new things.Your husband can tell you what you can do to please him.Both you and your husband should enjoy the experience.

Step 1: You can choose new sex positions.

Discuss it with your husband before you try something new.Look through a sex manual, find positions online, or watch porn together.You should agree on positions that you would like to try.If your husband is usually on top, you could give him a break by riding him cowgirl style or taking the dominant position.You and your husband should agree on trying a new position.Pick a different position if you don’t like a particular move.

Step 2: Touch or stroke his genitals.

Don’t be afraid to go there.It is possible to increase your husband’s satisfaction by touching, stroking, and kissing his penis.Give oral sex to your husband if you’re comfortable with it.He may return the gesture.

Step 3: Touch parts of his body.

Your husband has other parts of his body that are sensitive.There are many places around your husband’s body that will light up when you touch him.The V-line from his abdomen to his penis is one of the areas to explore during sex.

Step 4: If you’re both into it, try role playing.

You and your spouse can play roles during sex.Your husband might act like a patient while you pretend to be a nurse.Imagine if you will that you are a fireman who saved your husband from the fire.Pick a scenario that you both like.Role play scenarios can be found online.It’s possible to dress up for the roles that you play.If you’re playing a secretary, you might wear a blazer and no shirt.

Step 5: If you are both comfortable with the sex toy, introduce it.

A sex toy is a great way to improve your sex life.Both men and women can use it.Blindfold Dildo or strap-on Handcuffs are fun toys.

Step 6: If you want to have sex, go somewhere new.

If you try it somewhere else, you might want to impress your husband in bed.It is possible to book a night out at a local hotel.If you can’t leave your house, try taking a shower in one of the other rooms, like the living room, or even in your car in the garage.It can be difficult to get away if you have children.Instead of leaving your bedroom, try to make it more exciting.Take care of the room.Light candles and play music.It’s important that your kids don’t walk in by accident if the door is locked.

Step 7: Don’t forget to appreciate him afterwards.

Your husband also wants to feel sexy.Tell your husband how great he was after you’ve made love.Tell him how sexy you find him.You could say, “You are the hottest person I know.”I liked how you grabbed my hair.

Step 8: Do Kegel exercises.

Both men and women can benefit from these exercises.Identifying the muscle that you use when urinating is a simple exercise.If you want to release this muscle, contract it for 2 or 3 seconds.10 times a day.

Step 9: It’s a good idea to be comfortable in your own body.

Confidence and self-assurance are sexy.You may be more involved in sex if you are comfortable with your body.Your husband might think you’re the prettiest thing he’s ever seen.You should wear clothing that makes you feel good.Your husband is sure to agree if you think you look good.You can explore yourself sexually.Don’t be afraid to tell your husband what you enjoy in bed, take some time to learn.This will make sex more enjoyable.If you feel nervous when you’re naked, take a shower and look in the mirror.Until you no longer feel shy around your own body, make this a daily practice.

Step 10: Talk filthy.

Lower your voice and make eye contact.You could say, “Wait until you see what I’m going to do to you tonight” or “I want you so bad.”This will build up your husband’s excitement.Send sexy texts that are safe for work but still full of innuendo if he’s still working.You could say, “I’ve got a little surprise for you tonight.”It’s in the bedroom.

Step 11: It’s time to change up your wardrobe.

Sexy underwear can get your husband interested.It can make you feel more confident, which your husband will appreciate.You can save the underwear for a special night or surprise him when he isn’t expecting it.A corset, Silk panties or boxers are some of the suggestions.

Step 12: Give your husband a massage.

A massage can help your husband relax if he’s too tired for sex.He should lie down on your bed.Start massaging his temples.You should stroke and kiss his neck.He has a lower back and thighs.

Step 13: Slowly build up some foreplay.

It is possible to increase satisfaction from sex bydicating time to foreplay.Before having sex, take up to 30 minutes to explore each other.You have the option to kiss, cuddle, or play with his body.Don’t rush the foreplay.It can help you and your husband bond, which will increase your enjoyment.

Step 14: Talk to your husband.

Asking your husband is the best way to learn what will impress him.Before you have sex, you should do this.You can suggest new positions if he wants to try them.It’s possible that your husband doesn’t want to try something new.He might want to spend more time together or have sex more often.If you can both work out a solution, consider what your husband has to say.

Step 15: If your husband won’t talk about sex, ask him what he likes.

Have your husband read passages in a book, write down his fantasies, or watch videos of things that he might like to try.Tell your husband that you’re open to new ideas in the bedroom.You could say, “I know it makes you uncomfortable to talk about, but if there’s anything you want to try, you can tell me or leave me a note.”

Step 16: Tell your husband what you enjoy doing.

Good sex involves mutual satisfaction.Don’t criticize your husband if he needs to improve on some aspects.Tell him what you like.If your husband ever tries something that makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to say no.If something hurts, say, “That hurts a little.”