How To Import Gmail Mail to Another Gmail Account

There are two ways to transfer mail from one account to another.You can either transfer the entire email account to another address or pick and choose the email messages you’d like to transfer.Start with step one if you pick a method.

Step 1: Click Accounts to open your new email account.

Click “add a POP3 mail account you own” if you want to check mail from other accounts.

Step 2: The full email address of your old Gmail account can be entered in the pop-up window.

You can enter any email address that you own.You can click next.

Step 3: The password of your old Gmail account needs to be entered.

To identify emails from the old address, enable the settings “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server” and “Label incoming messages”If you have turned on 2-factor authentication for your old Gmail address, you may have to create a password for a specific app.

Step 4: If you click the “add account” button, Gmail will start copying your old messages to your new email address.

Depending on the size of your mailbox, the process may take some time.

Step 5: You can start by installing the add-on.

Step 6: Go to the Add-ons menu and select Email Forwarder, then you can create a new rule.

Step 7: Emails with words in the subject line will be auto- forwarded if they are in a Gmail label.

Step 8: Use the Advanced Criteria window to specify more conditions.

Step 9: The email address where these messages will be forwarded should be specified.

You have created a rule.The add-on will forward only the first email message in a thread, but if you want to forward every single message, you can choose ‘Forward Full Conversation’.