How To Identify a Maine Coon

There are several ways to identify a Maine Coon.One way to see its physical features is to look at its large size, shaggy fur, and large eyes.You can identify Maine Coons by observing their personality and behavior.To get a DNA test, contact your vet.

Step 1: The length of the cat’s fur can be checked.

The Maine Coons have a long coat.The fur is plentiful and not thick.Its paws, tails, and ears are covered in fur.The fur on the back of the cat should be shorter than the front.Fur should gradually get longer from front to back.The brown tabby pattern is the most common color pattern for Maine Coons.Maine Coons are available in 75 different colors.

Step 2: A large cat is what you should look for.

The largest cat breeds are Maine Coons.They are rugged and look like it.People have likened them to small animals.If you have a large cat, it might be a Maine Coon.Male Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 pounds.Females can weigh up to 10 pounds.You might have a Maine Coon if your cat falls within these weight ranges.Males are usually 10-16 inches tall and 40 inches long.Females are usually 8-14 inches tall and around 40 inches long.Measure your cat with a tape measure.

Step 3: The cat has fur.

Maine Coons have a coat that protects them from winter weather.Maine coons have big, fluffy tails that they use to keep themselves warm.The fur should be fine.Their bodies are strong.

Step 4: The cat has a lot of body characteristics.

Medium in length Maine Coons have muscular legs.The legs should match the body.The body has to be long.The tails of Maine Coons are wide at the base.The cat has a tail.The tail is long enough to suggest it might be a Maine Coon if you can reach or almost reach the shoulder.The tail should have fur.Finally, look for ears that are not straight.The Maine Coon has two ears that are wide at the base.They will be positioned close together, with no more than one ear between them.tufts of fur grow inside the earsEuropean cats have tufts of fur on their ears.In cold weather, the cat will wrap its tail around itself.The tail is long and fluffy.

Step 5: Look for large eyes.

The Maine Coon has slightly oblique eyes.They are either green or gold.

Step 6: Look for a long growing cycle.

Cats reach their full size when they are nine to 12 months old.Maine Coons grow for at least two years.Some have grown for four years.If you have a cat that keeps growing, it might be a Maine Coon.

Step 7: It is important to look for a friendly demeanor.

The Maine Coons are friendly and relaxed.They get along well with children and pets.You might have a Maine Coon if this sounds like your cat.

Step 8: It is important to check for a love of water.

The Maine Coons like splashing and spilling water.They splash about in the toilets.It is possible that your cat is a Maine Coon if it has a special interest in water.

Step 9: Look for behaviors similar to dogs.

Most people know that dogs are faithful.Maine Coons are renowned for their outgoing and reliable behavior.If your cat greets you in the morning, it could be a Maine Coon.

Step 10: You should get a genetic test.

A genetic test can be used to identify a Maine Coon.A vet or other medical professional takes a sample from your cat.If you want to do this, you can either take a sample of your cat’s cheek for skin cells, or draw blood from it.The vet will use the biological sample to compare your cat’s genome against known Maine Coon DNA and look for a match.Most genetic tests are accurate.

Step 11: The cat should be monitored for its health.

Maine Coons have good health.They are susceptible to two conditions.Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a condition that causes the walls of the heart to thin.The other condition is feline hip dysplasia, which is caused when Maine Coons’ hips don’t form properly and results in pain and arthritis.Before purchasing a Maine Coon from the breeder, you should check for HCM.There isn’t much you can do to prevent hip dysplasia because Maine Coons are naturally large.If your cat develops this condition, your vet will help you treat it.

Step 12: Decide if a cat is right for you.

Maine Coons are an investment of time and money.They can cost from $400 to $1,000 and require ongoing costs like cat food, cat litter, and vet visits.Maine Coons need some attention and affection every day.A pet that requires less energy is a better choice for a busy person.If you want a less energetic Maine Coon, get a full grown cat instead of a kitten.

Step 13: You should choose a reliable breeder.

Maine Coons will not be available year-round.They won’t accept online purchases or have multiple litters on their premises.In case you can no longer take care of the cat, they will insist on a strict contract that describes what happens in case.The Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association has a list of good breeders.

Step 14: Consider alternatives.

Buying a Maine Coon from a breeder is the most common way to get one.You could get your Maine Coon from a rescue organization.You can get a Maine Coon by contacting one of these organizations.

Step 15: You should visit the cat before buying it.

You can visit the location where the cat was raised if you are aReputable cat seller.The cat needs to be raised indoors.Be wary of breeders who try to meet you in a location that is not the place where the Maine Coon was raised.The Maine Coon was raised in a small, dirty, or crowded pen.The conditions suggest that the cat might have a problem.Do not get a cat that was raised in isolation as it may have difficulty socializing with other pets or people.

Step 16: Be patient.

It is likely that Maine Coons won’t be available right away.Cats need to be about 12 to 16 weeks old before they can be separated from their mothers.There are wait lists that prevent the purchase of a Maine Coon.