How To Host a Halloween Party

Do you think this Halloween will be boring?Throwing a Halloween party may be what you want to do.

Step 1: Put your decorations down.

Use gorilla tape or tacks to hang up black sheets.You don’t have to cover the ceiling because you can turn off the lights and put up strobe lights.Get fog machines.If you want to make the room look old and dusty, you can cover the furniture with black sheets and sprinkle flour on it.

Step 2: Prepare the sound effects.

No one will know where the sound is coming from if you put 1 or 2 CD players hidden behind the sheets.To kill two birds with one stone, get sound strobe lights.

Step 3: Extra effects should be added.

The effects room, spider room and skeleton room are just a few of the sections that can be split up into a hallway.You can mix it all up to be even more frightening.

Step 4: The guests should be allowed in.

The front of the house is where the hallway is usually located.One person can lock the door at the end and let the guests in when the party is over.

Step 5: There are a lot of Halloween songs.

You can have a more lighthearted Halloween if the haunted house idea isn’t for you.”Thriller,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Monster Mash” can be included on your list.Everyone can really dance if the mood is festive.

Step 6: A dance contest.

A prize is given to the best dancer.

Step 7: There should be a costume contest.

A prize like a bucket of candy or a spider is given to anyone with the best costume.Don’t have a theme; just mix it up.

Step 8: If you are having a film fest, only show two movies.

Popcorn is a must when you try old universal monster classics.Guests can pick out candy from buckets throughout the house.

Step 9: A buffet will make your party fun.

Many candies, like bones, brooms, and hats, should be included.You’ll need a brain jello mold and raspberries to make donut monsters, as well as mummies and orange pumpkins.For drinks, fill a surgical glove with water, close it with a twist tie, and freeze it.Add the ice hand to the bowl and voila!You will get a gross-out punch.