How To Hit Irons Pure

“Hitting an iron pure” means connecting your iron and ball in order to get the most distance from your shot.Learning how to use your irons to hit the ball the rest of the way down the green is the next step.Like many golf skills, the first step to hitting an iron pure is getting into the proper position, then developing a good swing– in this case, swinging down and hitting the ball on the downswing instead of the upswing.Every time you hit your irons, practice your starting stance and swing technique.

Step 1: Place your target on the side of your body.

Stand with your legs and back straight, in front of the ball, so that there is an imaginary line from the side of your body to where you want it to go.You can’t turn too far back on your backswing with this.You will be able to see the target when you turn your head to the left.

Step 2: Put your feet under your shoulders.

This will allow you to shift your weight back and forth through the swing.You will be off balance if you stand with your feet too close together.During your swing, you want to be able to shift your weight from your back leg to your front leg as you swing through the ball.

Step 3: The ball should be positioned in front of the middle of your feet.

The ball should be placed in front of you at a distance that is close to your front foot.This will allow you to catch the ball on the downswing.If you catch the ball on the downswing, your club will swing up again.You will achieve less distance and accuracy with your iron shots if you hit the ball on your upswing.If you have a logo on your shirt, you should line up the ball with it.

Step 4: Hold the club in front of you.

Put your dominant hand on the lower part of the club’s grip and your other hand behind it, so your little finger and index finger are touching.If you want to catch the ball on the downswing, hold the club downward with the head.In your beginning stance, keep your arms relaxed, your back straight, and the belt buckle or the button of your pants facing straight forward.

Step 5: To stay balanced, keep your feet firmly planted.

If it helps keep them planted, shift your weight back to your heels.Don’t let them move until the end of your swing.You are swinging too hard if your feet are moving a lot.

Step 6: You can swing the club back with your arms.

The club should be above your head if you shift your weight towards your back leg.The head of the golf club should be straight up in the air when you swing the club above your head.Before you hit the ball, practice a few half backswings.At the top of your backswing, your dominant arm will be bent at the elbow.The arm will be straight.

Step 7: If you want to swing towards the ball, shift your weight to your front leg.

The club should be swung back towards the ball.When you make contact with the ball on the downswing, let your shoulders drop back so they are straight above your legs.Don’t remove the big divots under the ball.Rather than hitting into the turf below it, you want to sweep the ball off the ground.

Step 8: Keep the club in the air after you hit the ball.

Once you make a difference, don’t stop your downswing.The club should keep going towards the target as the ball sails down the green.The belt buckle or button of your pants will be facing the target when you finish your swing.You need to let your hips lead on your next try if it is not.