How To Hire a Bodyguard

A bodyguard can keep you safe if you find yourself in a dangerous situation or are approached by undesirable people.Don’t just hire a muscle-bound person to be your bodyguard.If you want to find the right candidate, contact the local executive protection agencies.To make sure you are getting trustworthy security, choose a bodyguard that is certified with both your country and an official bodyguard association.

Step 1: Before you research possible bodyguards, set a budget.

Depending on your needs, hiring a bodyguard can cost between $200 and $900 a day, with expenses depending on the level of potential danger and if you need an armed guard.Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a bodyguard by using your salary as a guide.It will cost more to have bodyguards from respected agencies.To find the best guard for your price, check many different options.

Step 2: Choose between an executive protection or hostile environment bodyguard.

There are two different classes of bodyguards.Professional bodyguards protect celebrities, politicians, royalty, and others.Hostile environment bodyguards are more military oriented.

Step 3: When will you need a bodyguard?

Some bodyguards are trained for round-the-clock protection, while others only guard during nights or when transporting a client from one location to another.Think about where you need your bodyguard the most.

Step 4: There are bodyguards listed with a professional agency.

It might be difficult to find a reliable source of bodyguards if you don’t ask for their recommendations.You should research respected agencies in your area if you don’t know anyone with a bodyguard.It’s a good idea to make sure the agency you choose is legit.Check online reviews and previous clients for authenticity.

Step 5: A guard dog is a cheaper option.

Basic needs can be provided by a guard dog if you still need some protection.There are guard dog agencies in your area.German shepherds are known for their guard dog services.

Step 6: Do you know about bodyguard licensing requirements in your country?

Personal security requirements can be issued by your state or country.Make sure you check your location’s licensing requirements for this license.Clients without a license may have illegal reasons for not regulating their services.

Step 7: There are bodyguards with professionally-issued certifications.

Choose an executive guard who is certified with professional training centers.Many states and countries have training groups that offer certifications to bodyguards.Depending on your needs, the certifications you want your bodyguard to have will be different.If your situation involves criminal activity, you might want a bodyguard certified by the U.S. Navy.

Step 8: Ask the bodyguards if they are affiliated with any organizations.

There are official organizations that provide support and networking for bodyguards.Before bodyguards can join these organizations, they have to meet certain requirements.Do you know if your candidate is affiliated with any military veteran organizations?The International Bodyguard Association is the largest bodyguarding organization.

Step 9: You should conduct a background check on the candidate.

Before you hire a bodyguard, make sure you research their criminal history.Although you can look up criminal records online, pay for a background check to make sure your candidate has been thoroughly searched.

Step 10: Look for a bodyguard with good health.

In order to protect their clients, bodyguards need to be in good shape.Ask your bodyguard how they keep themselves fit.The bodyguards who seem sickly or in poor physical health should be avoided.

Step 11: Have your candidate tell you about their past experience.

Ask the bodyguard candidates about their previous jobs.Talk to them about their skills and specializations.If their employment ended recently, ask them why.Be aware of bodyguards who have worked with clients in the same situation as you.

Step 12: Ask candidates how they respond to stress.

When there is an emergency, the bodyguard should keep a cool head and keep their client safe above all else.A bodyguard with quick thinking skills and experience working in dangerous locations is a good choice.Candidates with a military background have experience in crises.

Step 13: Candidates have experience with weaponry and martial arts.

Depending on your situation, you may need a security guard with a firearm license or someone who can diffuse aggressions with physical attacks.If you expect your bodyguard to need significant protection, ask if they have any martial arts training.

Step 14: There are references to ask for.

Request references from their previous clients.Contact these references if you still have questions about the bodyguard.Ask them if they would recommend this bodyguard.

Step 15: You should write an employment contract for your security professional.

The start and end date, pay rate, holidays, and working conditions should be included in your employment contract.Make the contract binding by having your bodyguard sign it.To avoid misunderstandings with your candidate, employment contracts must be written in writing.

Step 16: Evaluate your bodyguard’s awareness.

You may not be able to see how well your bodyguard analyzes their surroundings until they are on the job.As they work to make sure they have a keen eye, watch your bodyguard.

Step 17: Look at the way your bodyguard behaves.

Do you know your bodyguard’s communication skills?Your bodyguard should be able to speak clearly and confidently.Make sure your bodyguard listens and interprets assignments well.Poor communication skills can lead to many mistakes when under stress.

Step 18: Inquire about the bodyguard’s health over time.

There are signs to watch for in your security professional.An ill or physically-unfit bodyguard will not be able to protect you because of their health.If your bodyguard’s abilities are restricted, you may need to end the contract early.An annual physical check-up is a must for your bodyguard.