How To Help Somebody to Be a Christian

You know that every Christian wants to help people to have a better life in far away places, but maybe you don’t want to travel to proclaim Good News.If you’re not sure how to leave, you might be afraid.Don’t worry, you can do it all in your everyday life.

Step 1: Meet a person that you don’t think is a Christian.

It’s normal to get some indications that you may socialize and have feelings about beliefs.

Step 2: Say nice things for a reason.

A sincere compliment can be explained to get someone to warm up to you.Don’t say anything that may make him or her feel uncomfortable.Don’t gush with artificial sweetness.Be realistic…

Step 3: You should keep talking and doing activities to make a friendship.

Mention work, school, church, like church activities, as one way to draw out reactions to such topics without aiming straight at spirituality.

Step 4: Listen and remember the answers because you asked interesting questions that got them to communicate.

People love to talk about themselves.What classes did you like?Have you heard/seen something?What did you think about it?

Step 5: Questions should be light and not personal.

If he or she is not interested in discussing your topic, stop and try another idea.I don’t seem to teach or lecture.

Step 6: Don’t imply that you want to help this person.

Be aware of your friend’s attitudes and ideas about life.

Step 7: After being friends for a while, invite your friend to go to church with you.

Ask if it was interesting or how he liked it after the service is over.If the person did not enjoy the service, don’t argue about personal opinions.

Step 8: Talk to your friend about the benefits of becoming a Christian, such as being filled with happiness and receiving power from God.

Step 9: Being nervous is not bad if you are brave.

It’s great to have butterflies when you try something.Don’t push or pull if it’s not welcome.It’s not a problem to attack if the reaction is “Didn’t like it…”.

Step 10: Relax; you are friends.

Don’t apologize for asking about a visit to church.

Step 11: Don’t insist and smile.

If you lose your friend by over-pursuing, you are not a stalker, and be naturally thoughtful as a friend.

Step 12: To talk about the story of Jesus, try to get enough interest.

For you, the missionary who is going into your community, school and social life!

Step 13: Sharing examples and testimonies of how people find God and how He miraculously helped others can help you encourage your friend to be a Christian.


Step 14: Everyone has sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

We don’t meet the standards of our Holy, Perfect Loving-God.

Step 15: Talk about the promise of a miracle if you ask for it.

Step 16: If you can work it in, then talk, discuss, and explain about accepting God’s plan to be saved from “the wages of sin and death.”

“How to receive salvation is by grace, through faith, not of yourself; it is the gift of God; not by working, because people could boast (or brag) — and to be saved to do good things that God has already prepared for us”

Step 17: If you feel that it will be accepted, ask to pray.

If you want your friend to desire/agree to repeat after you in a simple and self explanatory prayer of repentance — being willing to change ones mind and ask for salvation — to be saved as a free gift from God, talk about it first.If you prefer, you can get a pastor or minister to lead the prayer.

Step 18: It is important that your friend understands the purpose of such a prayer to repent, to desire and plan to change, and that one will always ask for help and forgiveness.

“Heavenly Father, Dear God, I am sorry for all the wrong things I have done,” may be your basic prayer.I know you love me, and I come to you without any demands.I want to change, but I know I won’t get your perfect love, Father, and your gift of forgiveness.I know that Jesus died for me and rose from the dead to save me.I would like to thank Jesus for helping me to love others and do right for people.Thank You, Lord Jesus, for everything you are doing in my life, and for answering prayers when I ask you.Thank you for giving me a new life and for the gift of your love to guide and help me.I ask in Jesus’ name.Amen.

Step 19: Encourage them to praise the Almighty.

It’s like when someone wins a big prize and you praise the winner, Jesus Christ, your team and your God.It is much bigger than that.