How To Help Prepare a Preteen Girl for Puberty

Even if it feels awkward, you can prepare a preteen girl for puberty by talking to her honestly.Explain the changes her body will be going through, and answer any questions she asks, is the best way to prepare your preteen.Provide her with sanitary napkins, face wash, and a training bra, as well as other things she will need in the future.Let her know that you will be with her whenever she needs you.

Step 1: When her breasts start to develop, get her a training bra.

The growth of breast tissue is one of the most noticeable changes to girls during puberty.Explain to your child that this is normal, and that it is different for each girl.When this development starts to make her feel better about her body, take her shopping for a training bra.She will be very happy with this.Some girls may start this change as young as 8.If your daughter requests a training bra before she starts to develop, buy her one anyway to encourage her active choices about her body.

Step 2: Provide her with a regular bathing and showering routine.

As your daughter gets older, she should take control of her own personal hygiene and work out a schedule.Make sure she understands that she should wash her hair at least twice a week.Help her decide if she wants to do it in the morning or evening.A child who plays sports may need to wash more than once a day.

Step 3: Show her how to properly wash her face.

Good hygiene can help teens deal with acne.It’s a good idea to show your daughter how to wash her face in the morning and evening to prevent the build up of oil and dirt.If her skin is dry, show her how to care for it.Help your daughter choose a face wash that works for her skin type.

Step 4: She needs anti-perspirant to reduce her body odor.

The sweat and odor come from the underarm sweat glands.Purchase anti-perspirant that will cut down on the sweat produced by your daughter.After washing, tell your daughter to apply it.Bring your daughter shopping for anti-perspirant so she can choose the brand and scent that she likes.

Step 5: When her body hair starts to grow, talk to your daughter about shaving.

Your daughter should be reassured that the growth of body hair is normal during puberty.If she doesn’t want to shave, tell her that it’s not necessary.Show her how to do it safely.To minimize the risks of cuts while shaving, give your daughter shaving cream and a single-blade razor.If she wants a shave that is less close, give her an electric or battery-operated razor.

Step 6: Tell her what a menstrual period is.

What happens in the female body during a 28-day menstrual cycle can be stated in simple terms.Explain that the uterus builds a lining to feed a fertilized egg, but if it doesn’t happen, the lining is shed.Blood and menstrual fluid are released through the vagina when this happens.Take a look at how this all plays out over the next 28 days.Understanding how each menstrual cycle works is useful information for her.

Step 7: Explain how menstruation may affect you.

Preparing girls for the hormonal changes that they will experience during their menstrual cycle is important.It is possible for a woman’s hormones to drop before she starts her period.Tell her that this is normal.It won’t last long, and there will always be ways for her to cheer herself up.

Step 8: Let her know that she may experience physical symptoms during her cycle.

Most women have to deal with these symptoms.The side effects of the menstrual cycle are temporary and can be managed.Tell her about the reliable remedies, such as a hot water bottle or heating pad.Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter pain relief that can be taken to reduce the intensity of pain.Exercise and eat healthy to reduce bloat during menstruation.

Step 9: Provide your child with different types of sanitary products.

When your daughter gets her first period, you should stock your bathroom with sanitary pads and feminine hygiene products.When she is comfortable doing so, advise her to try each option and explain how they are used.When the time comes, you should give her a small carry-case of these supplies.Tell her how to dispose of feminine hygiene products.If she is interested in a reuse option, you may want to purchase a menstrual cup.

Step 10: Discuss contraception and sexual health with your child.

It is likely that your child will hear about sex from friends, television, movies, and social media, even if you think puberty is too early.It is important for your daughter to have accurate information about sex.Encourage her to ask about anything she wants to know by answering any questions she has.Discuss safe sex measures, contraception, peer pressure, and health risks with your child as part of a complete talk about sex.

Step 11: Help your daughter feel good about her body.

Girls tend to gain weight after puberty as their metabolism changes.Assure your daughter that the possible weight gain is a normal part of her development.Emphasize the importance of healthy eating and exercise for her regardless of her weight.Talk to your daughter about the dangers of weight control and eating disorders.Sugary and processed junk foods are bad for her because they don’t give her the nutrition she needs to be healthy.For your daughter to enjoy, stock your kitchen with healthy snacks.

Step 12: She needs to say no to drugs and alcohol.

It is best to prepare your daughter for peer pressure early on.Talk to her about drugs and alcohol and ask any questions she may have.Stating a specific reason for saying no, such as not wanting to smoke because you have asthma, is one example of how to deal with pressure to try these substances.To get the message across, you have to speak firmly and clearly.She can remove herself from a situation if she doesn’t want to do it.If the situation gets out of control, you have to call home.Spending time with friends who don’t drink or use drugs.