How To Heal a Bruise

All of us have been bruised.It takes time for a bruise to heal, but there are ways to speed it up and keep people from seeing it.

Step 1: Ice should be applied to the bruise.

Ice will keep the bruise from getting bigger.Use an ice-pack, a bag of ice, or a package of frozen vegetables.Wrap a clean towel around the ice pack.For no more than 15 minutes per hour, ice the bruise.

Step 2: The bruised area needs rest.

It is possible to make a bruise worse by using the muscles in it.If you get a bruise, give your muscles a break.If the bruise is on your leg, you might want to avoid exercising for a day or two.

Step 3: Take it for pain.

It will not help to heal the bruise, but it can help minimize the pain associated with it.Follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Step 4: After 24 hours, apply heat.

The heat will help remove the blood from your skin.Wait 24 hours after the bruise appears to do this.A hot water bottle is a good way to use a warm compress.For no more than 20 minutes at a time, apply heat.

Step 5: Know when to see a doctor.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to seek medical help for a bruise.If you notice something isn’t right, see a doctor right away.If you feel pressure in the bruised area, you may have compartment syndrome.Immediate medical treatment is required.You should see a doctor if you notice that you are getting bruised.If you notice signs of an illness, such as swelling, you should see a doctor right away.

Step 6: Foods rich in vitamins C and flavinoids can be eaten.

The vitamins will help strengthen your blood vessels.This could help to prevent injuries.Fruits and vegetables that are rich inVitamin C are pineapple, bell pepper, and prunes.

Step 7: Daily, apply Arnica gel to the wound.

The plant-based gel will dilate your blood vessels and help you heal quicker.You can find Arnica at the drugstore.

Step 8: You can try witch hazel.

If you want to promote healing, apply some witch hazel or vinegar to the bruise.To apply it, use a cotton ball or piece of cloth.

Step 9: You can make a fresh parsley compress.

Chop up some parsley and apply it to your bruise.Leave the parsley in the elastic bandage for a few hours or overnight.It may help to promote healing.