How To Hang Garland Around Your Front Door

You can show guests that you are in the holiday spirit by hanging a garlands on your front door.A special tradition at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the garlands of all shapes and styles.Garlands can be hung with or without hardware, making it easy for anyone to decorate their home with a simple natural arrangement and a few minutes of work.

Step 1: Every 12 in (30 cm), hammers are used to nail the border of the door.

To make sure that the nails don’t come out of the other side, use 1–2 in nails.There are two ways to hammer in nails, either around the frame or the door or in a circle in the center.There is something to hang the garland off of later on, so only hammer in half of the nail into the door.Make sure the nails you use have a large head so that the garland doesn’t fall.To hide the nail holes, place the nails in the grooves of the door.If you put holes in the door’s flat parts, they will be more obvious to the naked eye.

Step 2: You can put nails in the rock or stone around the door.

If your door is surrounded by rock or stonework, hang the wreath around the frame by hammering in nails every 12 in (30 cm) into the grout or mortar.You can use a drill to make holes.It will reduce the amount of damage you do to your door, and the nail holes will be less noticeable.A fresh layer of grout can cover holes in stonework that are difficult to hide.

Step 3: The wire should be wrapped around the garland to hang from the nails.

A loose piece of fishing wire can be found at the top of the garland.If you hang the garland from this loose piece of wire, make sure it’s located in the middle or top so it hangs symmetrically.It’s best to use decorative ribbon or fishing wire as thin string can degrade with time and in the elements.

Step 4: Make sure the garland stays stable by hanging it on the nails.

Make sure the garland stays in place by hanging the wire around the hooks and opening and closing the door a few times.If you put nails in the door’s center or around the border, it will appear centered.

Step 5: There are hooks that can be used to hang the garlands without leaving marks.

Attach the hooks to the frame of the door.Wait a few minutes for the glue to bond with the door before you hang the garland by its wire.When you are ready to take down the decoration, the hooks will come off of the door.Without the hooks on the sides of the frame, the garland could get caught in the door.

Step 6: For a reuse option, secure a doorway hanger to the door.

A home pull-up bar can be extended to fit the dimensions of your doorway.To hang the garland from its center hook, adjust its width to fit between two large grooves in the door.The doorway hanger should only be used on doors with a recess.If the doorway is attached to the frame of the door, you won’t be able to open it.

Step 7: To hide the hook, attach an upside-down hook to the back of the door.

Attach an upside down hook to the back of the door near the top instead of attaching hooks to it.Wrap a ribbon around it and place it over the top of the frame to the door.Attach the garland to the ribbon and it will hang from the front.If you don’t want to spend too much on supplies as you only need one hook, this is a good use of resources.

Step 8: Wrap the stringed Christmas lights.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to hang a garlands, and while it is beautiful on its own, you can wrap christmas lights around it to make it stand out and bring light to the night.You can hang it on the front door as you please.You don’t have to keep the Christmas lights plugged in because they are battery-powered.The risk of causing a fire is reduced by using low-power Christmas lights.There is a reduced risk of the material getting too hot if you use a fake or plastic garland instead of bright and hot lights.

Step 9: There are fake flowers and baubles in the garlands.

The garlands will be brought to life with fake flowers and baubles.Poinsettias and holly look wonderful in winter, and roses and fall leaves look great in the fall.To make it look like a Christmas tree, hang themed baubles from the garland.It doesn’t matter which flowers you choose to decorate the garland with, as long as they suit the season and make it pop!

Step 10: The Christmas spirit can be brought home with fake snow.

If the snow doesn’t fall, you can use fake snow to decorate your house and bring a sense of hope to your home.Most holiday stores and hardware stores have it in their holiday section.Adding some real snow to the garland will make it look more authentic.

Step 11: There is a wreath in the center of the garlands.

Garlands are a great way to frame a wreath.Attach a holiday wreath to the center of the door by hanging a wreath on the borders.The natural look will impress guests and make your arrangement even more beautiful.If your wreath is thick, you may not be able to hang it in the center.The door should be framed so that it doesn’t distract from the centerpiece wreath.

Step 12: There is a side table next to the front door.

To make your entryway stand out, place a small side table just outside your door with bowls of fruit, figurines and other seasonal pieces.Leave small gifts and wrapped snacks on the table for guests to make them feel welcome and bring the holiday spirit of sharing to all your visitors if you are feeling particularly charitable.Wrap more garland around the legs of the table.In winter, small toys for kids and wrapped candy fit the theme of christmas, while in fall a fruit bowl and pumpkin arrangement bring the aesthetic harvest to life.You can leave an arrangement of flowers at the entrance to your home in the spring and summer.