How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are easy to grow at home.They do not need a lot of space to grow and thrive at home.Prepare a mixture of sawdust and coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.Keep the soil moist and cool by adding the mushroom spawn.

Step 1: Purchase oyster mushrooms.

If you live in the U.S., oyster mushroom spawn or starter cultures can be ordered from any number of online seed catalogs.If you want to grow this method, you need at least 50 starter cultures.It may be more difficult to get the spawn if you live in Canada.European online sources include with your local plant nursery.Mushroom spawning may be stocked by nurseries.The nursery may be able to recommend another retailer if not.

Step 2: The tops of your milk cartons should be removed.

Use a pair of scissors to remove the tops of the milk cartons.The vertical sides of the cartons intersect with the sloped tops.The carton tops can be thrown away.

Step 3: To punch holes in the milk cartons, use a pencil.

The holes should be on the sides of the carton.Each side has a hole at 3 inches and 1 at 6 inches.You will end up with 20–25 holes per carton at a variety of heights.Before poking the holes, make sure your pencil is sharp.

Step 4: Coffee grounds and sawdust can be mixed in a microwave-safe bowl.

Use a large kitchen spoon to stir the sawdust and coffee grounds together.The bowl that you use should be large enough to hold the full 10 cups without overflowing, and be made of plastic, glass, or porcelain.You can use any type of coffee grounds you want.Save them for a few days so you can make the 2 cups.sawdust can be found at any nearby hardware store.They may give you the sawdust for free since 8 cups is a relatively small amount.Hay can be boiled for 35 to 45 minutes.You can mix the mushroom and hay in a plastic bag with holes in it.

Step 5: Put water over the mixture.

Don’t skimp on the non-chlorinated water, this sponge-like mixture will have both the moisture and the nutrients that your mushrooms need to grow.Start by adding about 2 cups of water.If you accidentally add too much water, put some back out.If you are using hay, don’t add water.

Step 6: The mixture should be microwaved for 2 minutes.

The mixture of coffee grounds and sawdust will be killed off if this is used.It is possible that you need to microwave for longer.The water should be boiling hot after microwaving, so if it isn’t, microwave for another 2 minutes.If you don’t microwave the sawdust and coffee ground, the mushrooms may be killed before they have a chance to grow.If you are using hay, don’t microwave it.

Step 7: The mixture should be kept cool in the room.

You need to wait at least 30 minutes for the sawdust mixture to cool off because the mushroom spawn won’t survive being planted in boiling-hot temperatures.Pressing your finger into the mixture will show the temperature of the coffee grounds and sawdust.If you have to, put the bowl in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Step 8: The sawdust mixture should be covered with 2 cups of water.

Microwaving tends to dry it out.Adding more non-chlorinated water will make the mixture more stable.Oyster mushrooms need a moist environment to grow.

Step 9: The mushroom will be added to the mixture.

Use your hands to thoroughly work the mushroom spawn into the sawdust and coffee grounds after dumping a generous handful or 2 of the mushrooms in the mixture.Mushroom spawn need to be completely buried in order to grow well, unlike flower seeds which can only be about 2 inch (1.3 cm) under the soil.

Step 10: The milk should be poured into the 2 cartons.

You can dump the whole oyster mushroom mixture into the milk cartons now that you have mixed it.The sawdust mixture can be packed in.To ensure that the mixture is packed at an even consistency, use your hands to press down on it every 3–4 inches.Oyster mushrooms grow well in packed soil.

Step 11: The mixture should be set in a cool room.

Oyster mushrooms can be found in a room that is about 64 to 77 F.Place them in a cellar or basement.Mushroom cartons can be placed under your bed or in a pantry cabinet if you don’t have a basement.If the mushrooms were growing in nature, there would be some sunlight in the room.Don’t disturb the mushrooms while they’re growing.You can check in on them and watch as they grow.If you are using hay as a growing medium, place it in a place that is out of direct light.

Step 12: While the mushrooms grow, damp the sawdust mixture.

Use a spray bottle to keep the soil moist as the mushrooms grow.When the soil begins to feel like it is drying out, give it a thorough mist.It will take 2 to 3 months to grow oyster mushrooms.To make sure the soil is damp, no regular maintenance is required.When you start to see white mushroom growth in the hay, mist the bag once or twice daily.

Step 13: Cut the mushrooms with a knife.

The oyster mushrooms are developed when the caps are completely separated from the stems.Rather than tearing off the mushrooms by hand, use a sharp knife to cut the individual mushrooms off at their base.If the edges of the caps have begun to develop a frill, you can tell that the mushrooms are mature.

Step 14: The stems should be removed and the mushrooms washed.

The stems of oyster mushrooms are hard to eat.You can slice off the stems with a kitchen knife.You should rinse the mushrooms before cooking them.The stems can be composted.

Step 15: Before you eat oyster mushrooms, cook them.

Oyster mushrooms can be eaten in the same way as Portobello or white button mushrooms.Put the mushrooms on top of a pizza by cooking them in butter.If you prefer, you can grill the mushrooms whole and eat them on your own.

Step 16: You can keep the mushrooms in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

If you don’t want to eat the whole harvest at once, the mushrooms will stay in your fridge for a couple of weeks.They should be placed in a section of your fridge where they won’t be crushed.