How To Get Your Crush to Like You

There are a few things you can do to get their attention if you have a crush on someone.Try to be their friend first and learn about their interests.Show them the amazing qualities of yourself, like your ability to have fun, your sense of style, and your confidence in yourself.By showing your interest in getting to know your crush and doing small things like smiling and making eye contact, you may be able to start liking you too.It’s not a good idea to use these techniques if you know your crush is interested in someone else.

Step 1: A supportive friend.

A strong friendship is how the best relationships start.To be the best friend you can be, focus on helping them when they need it, being an active listener, and showing your support.Let your crush tell you all about their bad day, exciting achievement, or whatever is on their mind.To be focused on them, try to be engaged.You should give them eye contact.Helping them study for a test, getting them a treat when they feel down, and cheering them on if they are on the basketball team are some of the things they can do to support them.

Step 2: What is they passionate about?

Music, sports, books, and hobbies are included.You might find a common interest that you both share if you find out what types of things they love.They may be passionate about volunteering at a nursing home, sailing, or woodworking.Ask them what they’re interested in, ask one of their friends, or look at their social media profiles to find out about their interests.

Step 3: Ask them questions about their interests and life.

It is one of the best ways to establish a strong connection with someone you are interested in.You can get to know them by asking them about their family, pets, hobbies, and any other topics.This shows you are interested in their life.You could ask them what they want to study in college, what their pets are, or how they learned to play the guitar.Asking questions will encourage them to ask questions about your life in return so that you both get to know each other on a deeper level.

Step 4: When they are talking to you, listen.

If you want to show the signs of a good listener, look at your crush when they are talking.You want to hear more of what they have to say if you remember the things they told you to.If you make eye contact and nod when they speak to you, you will be heard.Try to respond to their messages in a timely manner and give thoughtful responses if you are speaking to them over text or social media.If your crush told you that they love a certain musician, you might let them know when that musician is performing near you to show that you were listening to their interests.

Step 5: Don’t forget to spend a lot of time with them.

The more time you spend with someone, the more likely they are to be attracted to you.Try to hang out with your crush as much as possible, whether it is in a large group, with just a few other friends, or alone.You can do different activities with each other, like going to a movie, hanging out in a park with friends, or even just sitting together at lunch.

Step 6: Good personal hygiene is a must.

Doing things like brushing teeth, showering, and putting on deodorant is what this means.You should wash your face daily and lather it with soap.You will look and feel better when you take care of your body.You should wash your hair every couple of days.Clean clothes make you look and smell better.

Step 7: Show them that you’re fun and playful.

If your crush sees you having fun, they will want to spend time with you too.If you want to show your humorous side, try telling your crush funny stories about yourself or being laid-back and goofy around them.Give your crush a gentle shove or tap if you want to be playful and flirtatious.When you’re around your crush or texting, show off your wit.

Step 8: It is a good idea to dress in clothing that shows off your style.

Pick trendy clothes that fit your body well.Pick out clothes that mirror your personality, not just because they are in fashion, but because you think your crush would like them.If you want to look fashionable and feminine, look for dresses in prints or patterns that you like.If you want to show your interest, wear fitted jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of your favorite band on it.

Step 9: There is a level of mysteriousness.

Instead of telling your crush everything about yourself at once, try to take it slow and let them learn about you in small tidbits.Your crush is going to be overwhelmed by you constantly talking about yourself.They want to hear more about you if you space out the information you give them.If your crush asks you a question about your life like “What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?”, you could answer the question and then ask their question to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Step 10: Be yourself!

Don’t act differently or pretend to be interested in something else than you are, because your crush will like you.It is more likely for your crush to be attracted to you if you are faking it.If your crush doesn’t know how great you are, stay true to yourself and not worry.If you want to find out if you have any common interests with your crush, share your passions with them.

Step 11: It’s important to smile as often as possible.

It is a simple way to help attract your crush if you smile.Even if you don’t talk to them, try to smile more when you’re around them.It will make you feel better.If you see them in the hallway or talking to them about their weekend plans, smile at your crush.If you’re texting or using social media, try to include a face symbol or symbol.

Step 12: If you want to show your interest, hold your eye contact.

Hold their gaze for a few seconds and then look away.It’s possible that this extra eye contact will stir up feelings inside of them as well.If you are talking to your crush, look into their eyes.If your crush notices you looking at them, give them a smile by holding your eye contact for a few seconds.

Step 13: When you are talking to them lean in.

This shows that you are interested in what they are doing.Whether you are sitting across from them at a table or standing a few feet from one another, try to lean towards them a couple of inches.When asking your crush a question or telling them about your day, lean your body towards them.If you point your body towards someone, they will be attracted to you.

Step 14: Paying attention to your posture is important.

If you have good posture, you will look more attractive and confident.If you want to avoid crossing your arms in front of you, sit or stand up straight with your shoulders relaxed.If you are sitting at a table, avoid hunching over.

Step 15: You should laugh at your crush’s jokes.

As you laugh, playfully and hit your crush on the shoulder, this will let you know that you are paying attention to what he is saying.Don’t get too carried away though, as it will make you look weird.