How To Get Up on a Wakeboard

Wakeboarding allows you to skate across the water.Anyone can learn to get up a wakeboard by following a few simple steps.You will be ahead of the game if you have skateboarding or snowboarding experience.

Step 1: Put a life vest on.

It is essential that you wear a life vest while wakeboarding, even if you are a seasoned swimmer.Before entering the water, put one on and secure the straps.The driver of the boat will use hand signals to communicate with you before you get into the water.thumbs up and thumbs down mean the same thing.A slash across the neck means stop the boat.

Step 2: The wakeboard’s binding should be adjusted.

The wakeboard needs to be set so they feel secure.You won’t be able to maintain your balance if they’re too loose.The fun of the sport will be lost if your feet are too tight.

Step 3: You should get in the water.

Keep one hand on the handle of the tow rope as you leave the boat.As the boat begins to move away from you, take a few moments to get comfortable.While floating in the water, you can use the taut rope to maintain your balance.

Step 4: The handle needs to be held securely.

Maintaining a good grip on the tow rope handle is important.While floating in the water, keep your arms relaxed and knees bent.It will be more difficult to let go of the handle if you hook or loop it around any part of your body.

Step 5: Put the board on the edge of the water.

The wakeboard should be positioned on it’s edge so that the bottom of the board is parallel to the water.The edge of the board needs to be above the water.You won’t be able to balance on the board if you try to keep it flat.

Step 6: Place one arm on either side of your knee.

Determine which foot to put forward by having someone push you from behind.The one you put in front of the wakeboard is the foot you step forward with.Put one arm on each side of your knee when you are in the water with the wakeboard.The handle should be close to your chest.

Step 7: As far as you can, keep your knees bent.

It’s easier to get into an upright position if you stay close to the board.As the boat begins to accelerate, keep your knees bent and your ankles close to your body in a squatting position.

Step 8: The boat can lift you.

As the boat picks up speed, don’t pull backwards.The board can be lifted onto the surface of the water.If you want the handle to be closer to your torso, don’t bend your arms.

Step 9: As you stand up, keep the majority of your weight on your foot.

If you want to get up on the wakeboard, you need to keep more than 60 percent of your weight forward.You can distribute your weight evenly if you get up on the board.

Step 10: Near your hip, hold the handle.

Keeping the rope low will help you gain more control.Raising it up can make it harder to stay on the board.Keep your elbow slightly bent as you grip the handle.

Step 11: Slowly stand up.

Once the force of the boat has hit the wakeboard on the water, you need to keep your knees bent to absorb the impact.Point your hip toward the handle.

Step 12: The weight should be shifted between your heels and toes.

You can get a feel for the wake by leaning back slightly to set the board on the back edge.To set the board on the front edge, shift it to your toes.This will help you cut across the water.

Step 13: If you fall, wait for the boat to return.

Stay where you are if you fall or let go of the rope.All boats in the area can see you if you lift your board halfway out of the water.You can try again if the boat driver brings you the rope.

Step 14: The rope should be shortened.

You may have more success with a shorter rope if you are new to wakeboarding.You can switch out the rope for one that is 20 feet long.Attaching it to a ski pylon can be helpful.The rope is usually between 30 and 50 feet long.

Step 15: The boat should be slowed down.

Going full-throttle makes it harder to get up.The driver of the boat should keep the speed down to give you a chance to get up.

Step 16: If you’re having trouble, switch your feet.

It can be as simple as reversing the position of your feet.Try it with your left foot instead of your right, if you have been trying to wakeboard with the right foot forward.